Fishing With Capt Rick (2018)
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Painted ladies
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By: Capt Rick Reynolds
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09/19/2018 & 09/21/2018
I had Rick and his wife Barb for 2 trips this week, wednesday and friday. Capt. Jeremy had taken them 5 years ago in November and really slayed the Trout. This week was a little different. In 2013 the air temp was 30 and this week it was upper 80's . Water temp was 83 , but clear. BOTH Rich and Barb are excellent anglers and had a good time

Low tide was at 12:15 and again we started at 7am. We had much more water and much more action today. Barb started off by catching a very nice black drum. We moved around a good bit and finally got on a good speckled seatrout, largest around 18 inches and the rest were pretty close to that. Caught a few whiting as well and then we hit a school of redfish and kept 2 and released a few. A much better day, thanks to a couple more hours of water. Again these were very good anglers and have fished in many places and had the patience to keep trying and it payed off.

Low tide was around 10 :20 and we departed at 7am, so we only had 3 hours before dead low tide. The ladyfish and sharks were very active, but we did keep a 17 inch speckled seatrout, a redfish, and 8 whiting. The action slowed at low tide and we were back to the dock at 12. Not the day they had in November.

I had Jeff, and his son in law William and Williams father Greg for a 6 hour trip this morning departing at 7am. However we used all our live bait in 4 hours so we shortened the trip.

I had Jeff 2 other times back in 2013 so it was good to see him again. The Water temp is holding at almost 85 degrees. So there are still quite a few bait stealers around. Jeff just wanted a good pull and they all got one with the 30 ladyfish we caught and released.

The ladyfish and speckled seatrout travel in the same area. We would catch either ladyfish , then a speck or vice versa. But once the ladyfish found us they overpowered the seatrout. we caught and released 3 speckled trout and kept 1 over 14 inches. We did pickup 3 whiting on a trout drop as well. We released 2 short flounder and 2 short redfish and kept 1 nice one. It was a good day on the water with non stop action, just not the target species.


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