Fishing With Capt Rick (2018)
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By: Capt Rick Reynolds
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Capt. Rick had a 5 hour charter with a very good repeat customer , Tom. We decided today that the seas (offshore) were pretty flat 2 ft. and the offshore water temp was 58, so we headed out to a near shore reef ( 20 miles) . Nice day and we did encounter fog but it was worth the trip. We caught several sea bass and Tom landed a small grouper that was happy to go back. Water clarity was very good and the bite wasn't bad. Capt Rick had made up some dropper rigs prior to going out. First nearshore Trip in a couple of years as you have to pick the days. Swells were 2 ft. every 10 seconds so not bad at all. Got back in time to start my BLACKED out rod. Started building from scratch and these are very nice rods.


Capt. Rick finished another rod and will be making several more on the saltwater blank that I have been using. Along with a 2500 spinning reel from MHX, the whole outfit weighs around 14 ounces. The high performance reel weight 9 ounces and the completed rod with guides and handle is a shade over 4 ounces. Here are a few pictures of the rods and the equipment I am using. The blanks are guarenteed for life and are serialized. Got to register them for the warranty to be in effect. That does not cover slamming in car doors. The last picture has 2 completed rods, but I think we are going to concentrate on the split grip for greater sensitivity.

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