Fishing With Capt Rick (2017)
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By: Capt Rick Reynolds
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Capt. Rick had a repeat charter with Tom . We departed the dock at 7:45 and fished in about 3 different spots and did very well. We released maybe 6 trout that were 14 on the button, but kept all over 15 inches. We both fished and I put mine in a bag and he put his in a seperate bag. Don't know how many Tom caught, but I kept 6 nice specks and 1 big black drum. Lost a nice black drum at the boat. To even out the bags, I gave Tom a Redfish.

Water temp was 54.8 at most places. However when we got back to the marina at 2 pm, it was 55.1. Winds calm and the water was pristine clear every where we went. All in all a great Winter day on the water with air temps reaching the low 70's. Again the trout and Black drum are the fish I kept only, Tom kept his bag full.


Copyright © 2017 Thunderboltcharters All Rights Reserved.