Fishing With Capt Rick (2017)
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By: Capt Rick Reynolds
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Capt. Rick had Duncan and Holly from Wisconson today. This was a very last minute trip I picked up late friday. Had plenty of bait so everything was good. Bait has been difficult at best to get lately due to the white shrimp are big and moving out and the browns are just getting big enough to catch. Water temp was 79 today but the winds were 10- 15k out of the East.

We had an outgoing tide and incoming winds, that caused the water to be rough and confused.Duncan wanted to catch a shark and try inshore here as well. Both Holly and Duncan were excellent anglers. We caught a few ladyfish and kept a couple for bait. After missing a few speckled seatrout bites, Holly got the timing right and caught 3 specks measuring 18 and 17 inches. She finished up with a keeper 18 inch Redfish.

Even though the water was rough we went to the sound and had 1 breakoff on the shark rod and Duncan caught a small bonnethead while trying for whiting. Then the other shark rod went off and Duncan landed 2 nice Atlantic Sharpnose sharks. We did the best we could under unfavorable conditions. I had a great time with this couple . Trout and redfish were caught under Capt. Ricks Thunderclacker popping cork.

Had a bonus today when we got in a manatee showed up and left. But when I was flushing my engine he came back and drank that fresh water. When I finished with the motor I stuck the hose in the water and he drank for a couple hours. Beautiful large animal. This old girl had some scars on her back so be careful around the marinas where they come in for fresh water.

Capt. Rick had Allysa and Jake today for a 4 hour suprise trip for Jake from Allysa. Water was clear and the wind was not blowing at all. We were shooting for Speckled seatrout and Redfish, but on Jakes first cast he nailed a very nice bonnethead shark.

He caught and released 3 of these nice sharks. We also caught a few Specks and 1 oversized redfish that was 26 inches. It was a nice day today with a couple of very nice and polite young adults. All fish caught under Capt. Ricks Thunderclaker Popping corks.

Capt. Rick had Virgel and Kim today for a 6 hr trip, departing at 7am. Water temp was around 78° and clear to stained at most places. We are on a full moon, these next 3 days and that usually means faster currents and higher tides. However the tides were pretty good. We caught a few speckled seatrout, a couple of ladyfish, a blowfish, robinfish, some keeper specks and a couple of bonnethead sharks, 1 that we kept. Also Kept a flounder. This was a great couple to fish with and we had a good time and hope they come back again. Both were excellent anglers. All fish caught under Capt. Ricks Thunderclaker Popping corks.


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