Fishing With Capt Rick (2017)
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By: Capt Rick Reynolds
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Capt. Rick had Eden and Colby and their 4 year old daughter Addie. This was a surprise birthday gift from Eden to Colby. This was a 5 hour trip and Addie was a very good girl and was very polite. I did make her scream when I dropped a flounder on the floor. Water temp was almost 80 today but the wind was still out of the west. We departed at 7am today and yesterday and fished the last few hours of the incoming and the first of the outgoing. We are a couple days off a new moon and the currents are faster and the tides higher which makes fishing more of a challenge. Colby was an excellent caster as well as Eden. Both of them caught some nice seatrout, but Edens was the largerst. I think Colbys flounder was better. It was a good day on the water and I hope Colby had a nice time.

Capt. Rick had John and his son in law Michael for a 4 hour trip, but we stayed 6 hrs. fishing was slow due to a change in the weather pressure and the huge amount of fresh water in the rivers and sound. It rained hard for 3 days this week with Tornados. Water temp was 75 and the conditions was dirty to stained. When we did find clear water we caught trout and a few ladyfish. Also caught a flounder that we threw back.

Both guys were excellent fisherman and didn't complain that we moved alot trying to get a good bite going. We also caught and landed 2 decent bonnethead sharks and got broke off by another shark that I expect was an atlantic sharpnose. Wind played a factor today as well. 10 - 15 out of the west. A good day on the water and we definatly covered alot of it. Hope to have a repeat with these 2 guys.


Capt. Rick had June, her husband Carl and their son, TJ and Brittany. I have fished with June and Carl a couple of years ago and had a great time. They came from Oklahoma, so we had today to get the trip in. Weather was predicted to be messy and it was. Hour by hour looked ok , but we had much more rain than not. I had a great time today, but wished the weather was better for them. One positive thing was even though it was raining, the wind was light. We fished the last 4hrs. of the incoming and 1 hour of the outgoing.

They wanted to catch some sharks, bonnetheads, but the ones we caught were too small so we caught some trout, bluefish,and ladyfish and whiting. Then we moved to the sound and used fresh cut whiting for bait. We had several knockdowns and lost 2, five foot steel rigs, but did catch 5 or 6 dogfish. We kept 4 of those. I don't have many pictures, because of the rain. we saw a couple funnel clouds trying to touch down about the time we ran back in. It was a good day in adverse conditions.


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