Fishing With Capt Rick (2017)
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By: Capt Rick Reynolds
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Capt. Rick had Ashley and his wife Martha from Cordele, Ga. We departed the marina at 6:45 am sharp. We fished all of the outgoing tide today. This was a 5 hour trip. Water was clear in some spots and stained in others. Winds were out of the South - Southwest most of the day at 10knots. The barometer was falling and the fish were biting in most spots. Water temp was in the low to mid 70's.

Both of them were excellent anglers and had no trouble casting, which was very good due to the winds. Starting out we missed a lot of bites, but some were not trout, but bluefish and they will cut a bait in half. We fished until 10 am for trout and redfish, but only caught several trout and 3 bluefish. Some of the trout were short.

At 10 am we moved out near the beachfront and bottom fished for whiting while trying for a Bull Redfish. The first hit on the big rods almost spooled the reel and I had 300 yards of 60lb braid. Ashley thought we might get spooled so we opted to adjust the drag and had a clean break off. I believe that fish was a very big redfish. Next fish we hooked was a 6ft blacktip shark. Unfortunatly I didn't get a picture of it in the water and he was too big to get in the boat safely and I get hit and cut on the arm by his teeth, just scraping me. So I cut the leader at the hook and he moved on. We caught and released a couple of huge rays, but kept 10 nice whiting to go with the trout and bluefish.

All in all we had alot of action and we were beat. They also brought their Dachshund that had a blast barking and trying to get the fish when they landed it.

Capt. Rick had Pam, who books the trips for us out for a few hours. We just went out for about 3 hours and caught many speckled seatrout. Pam caught 2 bonnethead sharks, bluefish and a flounder. Although most were keepers, the trout were all row trout so we decided to release everything. Nice day on the water.

Capt. Rick had a 2 person 6 hour trip with Nick and his dad Jeff. They came down from Atlanta to try to catch a BULL RED, this is the time of year we do it the best. Jeff had never caught a redfish at all so we target some keepers as well. Major storms passed thru our area after mondays trip and a cold front with high winds followed for the next few days, but on Saturday it was calm enough to fish. The air temp was cold at 45 degrees when we left

Tide was high at 7am so we departed at that time. I like to try to catch the bull redfish with some moving water so we trout and redfished for 3 hours and Jeff caught 2 keeper reds and Nick caught a keeper trout. So Jeff got his first 2 reds fishing with me!

The water temp was 65 out in the sound, near the beach front when we got there to try for a bull Red. While waiting on a BULL to take the bait, we bottom fished for whiting and kept 6 of those to go with the trout and redfish. After about 45 minutes the Rod went down hard and Nick grabbed it and it was a nice 42 inch BULL RED that put a very hard fight. Once these powerful fish are hooked they also turn sideways and let the current help them fight. After that the rod went down again and Jeff grabbed it, but the Spiney dogfish released itself at the boat. Both of these guys were very experienced fisherman and could cast better that most and they were a pleasure to fish with.

Capt. Rick had a 3 person 5 hour charter today with Edgar and his 2 sons. I have fished with Edgar a couple years ago and today was the only day we could fish as his son got in Sunday and is leaving tomorrow.

We departed the marina at 8am for this 5 hour trip. Rain and thunderstorms were predicted after 3 pm and they arrived. We finished our trip at 1 pm, so we beat the bad weather but not the bad wind. Air temps were in the 70's and water temp 2as 69.99. The wind was predicted to start at 8mph out of the ssw and gradually increase. Well the first increase was to about 15 to 20 and it remained that.

We caught several Speckled seatrout that were a shade short, but we did keep 2 trout and 1 whiting and 1 flounder. We fished hard, but the wind caused a lot of missed opportunities with slack in the line caused by the wind. However everyone caught and that was good! Looking forward to another trip soon.

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