Fishing With Capt Rick (2016)
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By: Capt Rick Reynolds
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Captain Rick Had Dale and Tommy today. We started a little later to try to get a shot at trying for a bull red. But we still left around 9:30 and got back at 3:15 right before the storm. We caught a few trout prior to going for a bull red. We also caught a few bluefish, and some whiting. While trying for the Bull Redfish, winds got up to 17 knots steady out of the south east and finally got too strong to fish, so we came in. We had a good hit and it turned out to be an atlantic sharpnose shark that was released unharmed. The full moon had an impact on the tides as well making them higher and faster than we like. Below is a picture of Keith and Tommy when they doubled up on specks, also the few fish they kept.

Captain Rick Had Ty and his father David today. The weather was a bit of an improvement over fridays trip, but not by much. We hit most of the same spots as well as some that we couldn't fish friday. Our largest trout today was 18 inches followed by a nice 17 inch trout. We kept 4 speckled seatrout, 1 flounder and 3 bluefish. Winds were predicted to lay down today, but we were met with 18 knots out of the ne with higher gusts. We just tried to make the best of it and had a bit of success. All in all a great trip. Water clarity was suprisingly good in many spots, but the water temp did climb to 63 degrees today.

Captain Rick had Brad today from Rome, Ga. Conditions were not good and we did poorly. Wind was out of the NE at 18 knots, gusting to 25. Water temp had dropped to 61 and the air temp was low 50's . We had a few missed bites and lost a fish at the boat and thats the best we could do. Trips like these are tough on the angler and the Captain. We moved alot, but just didn't catch today.

Captain Jeremy had Mike and his son Jordan today. They have been with us before in the fall last year. However todays plan was to go for Bull Reds and maybe some speckled seatrout . The wind was blowing steady 10 knots at 7am, when they departed and just continued to build. They had 2 hookups and lost both out in the sound. They had a couple hours to find some sheltered water out of the East wind. Air temps was 47 this morning and windy. They caught a speck before heading in. Todays conditions were not favorable with the high winds, and tides due to a new moon.

Today I had Paul and his 2 sons Avery and Michael. Avery is studying Marine Science at Savannah State and Michael is still in high school. Both young men were very strong anglers and went with the flow to catch whatever was biting. The Air temp was 46 degrees this morning and the wind was 7 knots at 7am out of the west. It steadily increased as the day went on. Our goal was to try for a bull redfish and bottom fish for whiting, while waiting on a Bull Red. They all caught whiting and Avery caught and released a bonnethead shark and Michael caught a nice atlantic sharpnose shark. Once the wind got up to between 15 and 20 Knots we moved inshore and caught 4 speckled seatrout before calling it a day. The largest trout was 16 inches. We didn't get a bull redfish, but everyone seemed to have a good time. These guys were real fisherman and they were happy chasing the bulls and catching what we could.

I had Adam, his Nephew Chris and Adams friend today. Water temp was 65 as it cooled some from last night. Adam caught a bluefish and several whiting. His nephew caught some whiting and seatrout as did his good friend. We tried to repeat what Capt. Jeremy did the day before but we didn't get any hits on the Bull Red rods. We had a cold front push thru that changed the bite. All in all a good day with a very nice young man!

I had a cancellation, so Capt. Jeremy took Laura and they scouted for Bull Reds and did very well. They caught 5 bull redfish and 1 nice shark. All revived and released to fight another day.




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