Fishing With Capt Rick (2016)
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By: Capt Rick Reynolds
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I had Jason and his son Jackson today for 6 hours and we had a blast. Jason said he wanted Jackson to catch something that would pull, so we caught some whiting to start with , with a fair size bonnethead shark mixed in. We then moved out and tried for the Big Bull REDFISH. We were not disappointed. When the rod went down, Jackson was all over it. It took about 15 minutes to land this 40 lb plus Redfish. We got a couple pictures, then I revived him to fight again. We moved inshore and caught about 14 speckled seatrout, but kept 2 that were between 15 and 16 inches. The ones we tossed back were 13 inches, which would have been keeper trout last year. It is always a pleasure to fish with a young man who is polite and respectful. More often than not the people that fish with me are that, but Jackson was a nice young man and helped me when he could.

I had Jerome and a friend of his today for a 5 hour trip that departed the marina at 6:45 am today. Water temp is stuck between 53 and 55 degrees due to the cool nights. At sunrise the air temp was 42. We tried for some outgoing tide Redfish but didn't get any on mudminnows. Tried for some whiting on dead shrimp and squid, and had a couple bites but still nothing, came in shore and missed a couple and finally caught a speckled seatrout. Then had a flounder hit, but missed him on the hookset. Hopeing for water temps to hit 60 -65 in the next couple of weeks.

A couple pictures from Jan. 2016. Have not chartered this month. Below is Capt Rick and Capt. Jeremy.



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