Fishing With Capt Rick (2015)
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By: Capt Rick Reynolds
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Capt. Rick had a 3 person 5 hour trip today with John, Tony, and Adam. This trip was not really confirmed until this morning due to the after effects from Hurricane Erika, that missed us, but has pumped alot of moisture into the southern winds. We got a break today, but there was still a considerable amount of fresh water in the system, so we fished out in Wassaw Sound, to get as much salt as possible. To compound the conditions we are within a day of a full moon and that caused astronomical tides this month with the Tide ht of 8.8 feet in Wassaw. This contributes to faster currents and muddy water. We had live shrimp for bait today and caught a record number of ladyfish. Lost a few fish at the boat (speckled seatrout), and missed a couple of Blue fish. One of the anglers really enjoys bluefish, so we kept 2 of those and 3 speckled seatrout. Tony landed a very nice 29 inch redfish that had to be released. We had a lot of action when the water was not 25 yards in the grass. A good day fishing with some experienced anglers!

Capt. Rick had 2 trips today with the first one departing at 6:45 am. It was a 5 hour trip with Bobby, Derrek, and Brandon. We had nonstop action up until we left Wassaw Sound at 11:45. Kept 8 Speckled seatrout and released 3 bonnethead sharks and 2 atlantic sharpnose sharks. Also caught and released some ladyfish, bluefish and redfish. Lots of action, all 3 were very good anglers. 2nd trip started at 3pm this afternoon and we terminated about 45 minutes early due to a huge thunderstorm. Caught and released all fish includeing speckled seatrout and redfish. A full day. All fish caught on live shrimp and live finger mullet.

Capt. Jeremy had a 5 hour 2 person trip with Zach and his father today. However the unsettled weather we have been having changed from cloud to storms, so they had to cut the trip short by an hour. We fish in rain if the customers want to do that and it can be productive, but for safety when lightning is in the area, we have to come in. The bite was much better today than yesterday as they did go through a couple quarts of live shrimp. They caught a variaty of fish, with some very large ladyfish and some nice Speckled seatrout. They kept 6 specks for a meal.

Capt. Rick had a 4 hour trip today that departed at 7:30 am. We fished the last 2 hours of the incoming and the 1st 2 hours of the Outgoing. I had Jim and his 14 year old son John. Both were very good anglers, however we had to contend with some high winds. The prediction was 5 to 10, but it was more like 15 to 20 and was just plain hard fishing. We kept a couple speckled seatrout, threw back some short ones, lost and missed some as well. The bite was slower than it had been earlier in the week. Water temps are still pushing 84 degrees.

Near the end of the trip, we were able to establish a fair trout bite, but you have to be quick and with the wind blowing so hard it just made fishing harder today.

Capt. Jeremy had a good trip this morning with Wayne and his son. They had non stop action and released several specks and some sharks. They kept 8 Speckled seatrout for a meal, but ran out of live shrimp right near the end of the trip. A great day on the water for Wayne and his son!

Capt. Rick had a great 4 hour trip today that departed Bahia Bleu Marina at 7am. This was with a repeated customer and a very good friend Trey. He also had a friend of his Lance with him. They were not keeping fish today. The Speckled seatrout bite is starting to act like the fall fishing pattern. Just because the air temps are hot, doen't mean the fall movement of fish hasn't started. We caught trout, redfish, ladyfish and bonnethead sharks. All fish released unharmed . Only snapped a couple pictures as we had a good deal of action going. A good trip with a good friend and excellent anglers. The weather radar was right on track and we avoinded some bad weather that was heading our way.

We had a very last minute cancellation, not cool, but better than a flat out no show. However Capt. Jeremy was able to bag a trip for Bull River and they had a great day catching seatrout and ladyfish. It was a release day so it worked out fine.

Capt. Jeremy had a 6 person 4 hour shark trip today for Bull River. They did not catch a huge shark, but caught several like the lady is holding in the picture as well as 2 very big Sting rays. They also lost a 6 foot spinner shark, that did what they do sometimes and thats spin off the hook. A spinner shark is a very aggressive shark, that leaps completely out of the water and spins and trys to break the line. In this instance he just got unhooked.

08/03/2015 & 08/04/2015
Capt. Jeremy had 2 trips in the last 2 days one for us and he also picked up at bull river. Yesterday he had our friends Terry and Craig. We have taken Terry and his wife 2 other times and always had a great time. Today Capt. Jeremy had a couple from Bull river and got a few more pictures of that trip. Both trips were similiar in the fact that a front had stalled over the area bringing extra humid conditions and plenty of Rain. Both trips caught fish, but it has been a little slower than usual.

Capt. Rick had a 2 person 6 hour trip with Michael and Karen. We had a cold front stall out over our area, that didn't really drop the temps much, but did change the barometer significantly and that will affect the fishing bite as well as we are on a Blue Moon, which is the 2nd full moon in the same month. This accounts for faster currents, springing tides and higher high tides than normal. All this creates muddy water and does have an effect on fishing.

They caught between 16 and 18 fish, some speckled seatrout, redfish, small bonnethead sharks, a summer trout, whiting, croaker and stingrays. Kept a couple fish for a meal, as most trout and the redfish were just short. Moon and front definatly affected the fishing today.

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