Fishing With Capt Rick (2015)
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By: Capt Rick Reynolds
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Capt. Jeremy had a 6 hour charter with Mike and his 4 sons. They concentrated on sharks and whiting. They had a couple sharks in the 5 to 6 foot range get off, 1 being a spinner, the other a blacktip. They landed a few sharks including a bonnethead, a nice lemon shark, spinner shark and and a guitar fish. They kept 20 whiting for a meal. Also released several summer trout back to the water.

Capt. Rick had a 5 hour charter with Andrew and his 3 friends, 2 of them goes to GSU, Andrew Goes to Georgia Military College, and his other friend just graduated high school. We departed at 7am. We had another windy day and all the trout we caught were small. We caught and released about 25 Redfish, that were an inch short. Got on a couple schools of them. Also released all the sharks today. we caught 3 bonnethead sharks and 1 spinner shark. A lot of action, but mostly shorts today. Wind was a factor as it blew out of the Southwest at 15 knots and the tide was all outgoing.

Capt. Rick had a 4 hour charter today with Donnie and his 3 sons, Sean, Daryl, and Justin. Each one of them were excellent anglers and again I was blessed with some of the most polite young men I have fished with. This has been an exceptional month with all my groups that had children, from young to young adults have all been very well mannered. For all the crap you see on Television, some parents are still doing it right! That being said we didn't catch alot of speckled seatrout that we could keep, but we did have moderate action. We boated 5 Bonnethead sharks and they decided to try one for a meal. We kept 3 speckled seatrout, released a few undersized as well. Also kept 1 slot size redfish and released a couple shorts. Released a flounder, but kept a croaker. Caught and released an oyster toadfish and a robin fish. The wind was stiff out of the soutwest at 15 to 20 all day. Considering the condiions they did very well.

Capt. Jeremy had a 5 hour trip with Robert and his father. They caught quite a few speckled seatrout and some bonnethead sharks. It was another hot day on the water with the water temps exceeding 85°. Its summertime fishing and there are alot of fish biting, but not always just the target species.

Capt. Jeremy had a 4 hour trip with Perry and his wife. They departed the marina at 6:30am. Another day of nonstop action with 3 bonnethead sharks caught and released and several speckled seatrout. They wanted to catch a large fish on inshore tackle and the bonnetheads gives you a great fight on trout tackle. Happy Birthday, Capt. Jeremy!

Capt. Jeremy had a 5 hour trip with a dear friend Jack and his son in law and grandson. Even though the water was 85°, they had nonstop action for the entire trip. The main catch was speckled seatrout with over 50 that were about a half inch short. They did manage a few to keep for a meal.

Capt. Jeremy had a 4 hour 3 person charter with Deborah and her father and her son today. 2nd day in a row that I was unable to get a fishing report, just the pictures. Looks like they caught whiting and sharks early on. I know the last 2 days have been exceptionally hot, like the previous week. Hope all had a good time.

Capt. Jeremy had a 5 hour 3 person charter with Richard and his group today. I was unable to get a fishing report, just the pictures. Looks like they kept a few speckled seatrout today.

Capt. Rick had a 5 hour 4 person charter with Edgar, his son Eric and Erics 2 boys. Again I was blessed with very sweet and polite children, that had a lot of fun and enjoyed themselves. We had a good bit of action most of the day, with catches of seatrout, ladyfish, bluefish, whiting, atlantic sharpnose sharks, blactip shark and a nice bonnethead shark. All sharks were released,they kept a few legal size speckled seatrout for a meal. The largest speck was caught by Edgar on a finger mullet. The ladyfish we caught was used as cut bait for larger sharks of which we did catch a few. Water temp was 85 and the winds were light. All in all a good day on the water for Edgar and his family!

Capt. Jeremy had Cameron and his son and father in law today for a 6 hour trip, however due to the high temps they did cut it short. Capt. Jeremy reported that they are very good anglers. Capt. Jeremy got 2 pictures today before the camera battery ran out. They kept a few speckled sea trout, largerst around 17 inches. Also released a nice bonnethead shark. Please remember when you are out in this heat to drink water even if you don't think you are hot.

Capt. Jeremy took 2 people for Bull River today for a 4 hour trip that departed at 8am. They caught an assortment of fish, including, sharks, bluefish, ladyfish, blowfish, whiting and seatrout. They kept 4 nice seatrout for a meal to be prepared at a local restaurant. All in all a good day on the water.

06/14/2015 (morning)
Capt. Rick had a 3 person charter today with James and his son and a friend.Fishing was slow this morning and I didn't get a picture of anybody. We caught a few fish but it was definatly slow. James's Son was a good angler for a 10 year old and very Polite. A pleasure to fish with all of them. We caught trout,bluefish,bonnethead shark. Had a hard breakoff as well
06/14/2015 (Afternoon)
Capt. Jeremy took Tims niece and her friend out this afternoon for a 4 hour trip and they had much better success this afternoon with several trout. Air temp hit 97 this afternoon.

Capt. Rick had a 3 person charter today with Ben and his 2 sons. Most children / teenagers that fish with us are a pleasure and these 2 young men were very nice. I have found it rare for most young adults and teenagers to respond with yes sir and no sir, but these two young guys did to me and to their dad.

Kudos to Ben for doing an excellent job with his children. They had not fished salt water before, but picked it up quickly. We caught some speckled seatrout, whiting, ladyfish and bluefish. Also caught and released an Atlantic sharpnose shark, a sandbar shark and a spinner shark. The action did slow right near the end of the trip, but I think they all had a good time and I hope they come back in the fall for some serious trout and redfish.

Capt. Jeremy had a 2 person trip today with Kevin and his Dad. They departed the marina at 7am. Water temp was 82° and stained. Air temp and humidity got up there very fast today. They had a lot of action and caught fish most of the trip. They were releasing all fish, which included a black drum, flounder, speckled seatrout, bluefish and sharks. While fishing for fish to keep, be aware that you are going to have to fish through the sharks to get to the Trout, whiting and redfish. Capt. Jeremy reported that these were very good anglers.

06/09/2015 (morning)
Capt. Jeremy had a 3 person 6 hour trip today with Chuck and his family. They departed the marina at 7am. Action was good most of the day.Water temp was 80.8° and stained. This was due to the semi stiff breeze out of the south west. Capt. Jeremy reported that they were very good anglers and they kept enough for a meal and released the rest. Some shorts were caught and released as well as a nice bonnethead. All in all a good day on the water.

06/07/2015 (morning)
Capt. Rick had a 4 person 5 hour with Sean, Shawn,Aaron and Josh. We departed around 7:30 am and fished the incoming tide. The trout bite was good when we were in clear water. The water temp was 80°. We kept 8 trout, 1 bull whiting , 1 spanish mackeral,and 1 bonnethead shark. We released at least 20 short trout. Also released a bonnethead shark. We moved out to where we have caught bull reds, knowing that the sharks have moved in. We caught 4 or 5 decent atlantic sharpnose. I was in the process of checking the bait on the port rod when it went off. I know this was a much bigger shark than normal. I handed it off to one of the guys and after about a 15 minute fight, we tail roped him and got him on the gunwale . Broke the hook extractor and a pair of aluminum pliars before we got the hook out of his mouth. This was a very nice blacktip shark between 4 and 5 feet long. I got a picture but his head was in the water. If one of the other guys emails me one of their pictures I will post it as well. Also we were in the middle of a huge school of spanish mackeral while shark fishing. Caught one and missed alot, also our leader was 25 lb, not 20, so the leader didn't fit between their teeth and they cut it easily. A good trip and time was had by all.

06/06/2015 (morning and afternoon 2 trips)
06/06/2015 (morning)
Capt. Jeremy had a 2 person 4 hour trip this morning departing at 7am and the bite was hot. They caught and released alot of quality speckled sea trout. Jeremy had Haleys Parents today. It was a gift to her parents from her. They did well
06/06/2015 (afternoon)
Capt. Rick had a 2 person charter with Doris and Colby. The trip departed at 12 pm for 5 hours and the bite was slower than the morning. Just before the storms rolled in, the bite quit. So we took some cut bait and caught 4 atlantic sharpnose sharks, before returning to catch a few more fish on the last 45 minutes of the trip. Both anglers were good and fearless as the storms passed.

06/05/2015 (morning & Afternoon)
Capt. Jeremy had a 3 person 5 hour trip this morning with Michael and his group. They caught a variety of fish including most all species other than redfish. All were very good anglers. They departed the marina at 7am. Capt.

Jeremys 2nd trip was Shareen and her husband Tom. It was almost a cookie cutter trip of the mornings catch. Battery expired on the digital camera, so no pictures for the 2nd trip. Both Groups were repeated customers and we are always happy when we have someone that wants to fish with us again!

06/02/2015 (morning)
Capt. Jeremy had a 2 person 4 hour trip today for bull river marina. They departed at 8am and had steady action all day. They caught quite a few speckled seatrout, bluefish, whiting, sharks. Today was a release all day. Water temp was 80 degrees and clear. Both anglers were excellent. If they were keeping, Capt. Jeremy said they had about 18 that were keeper size trout .


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