Fishing With Capt Rick (2015)
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By: Capt Rick Reynolds
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05/31/2015 (morning)
Capt. Rick had a 4 person 6 hour charter today with John and 3 of his friends. We had a good time fishing despite it rained quite a bit early on. We departe at 6:45am and fished right up to 12:45pm. We caught a number of ladyfish, some short trout , bluefish, redfish, sharks and flounder. We kept 1 bonnethead shark, 1 redfish, 1 flounder 2 bluefish and 8 speckled seatrout. If we had hooked up to all the trout bites, probably would have doubled the amount of keepers, but with the rain conditions and new saltwater anglers, they missed a few good bites. Current was swifter due to the fact that we are on the cusp of a full moon. Also we had rain off and on from 8 until 11 am. Would have gotten more pictures, but they would not come out in the rain. Water temp was 80.3°, so expect a few ladyfish mixed in with the trout.

05/30/2015 (morning)
Capt. Jeremy had a 3 people 5 hour trip this morning Loren and brother and brothers son. They had a good bit action most all day. They caught bluefish, ladyfish, sharks and trout. They kept 9 trout for a meal. Also they had a Green frog in the boat all day, which was released unharmed after spending all day in Wassaw sound and Bull river.

05/30/2015 (afternoon) cookie cutter of the morning except they were not keeping fish. Capt. Jeremy had 2 people for 4 hours.

Capt. Jeremy had a 5 hour trip with Trey and a friend today. They departed the marina at 7am to nice weather. Very light winds most of the trip. Water clarity was better than it has been lately, with the water temps right around 79°. Both were excellent anglers and they had a good bit of action. They kept 11 speckled seatrout and 3 slot size redfish for a meal.

Capt. Jeremy had a 5 hour trip with Robert and his friend and son today. They departed the marina at 7:30 today.Wind layed down somewhat, but the water is still stained and the water temp is almost 80. They caught an assortment of fish today, including about 30 speckled seatrout. There are mixed in size with some short fish. However they kept 12 fish for a meal and released the rest. All in all a good day of Speck fishing. Capt. Jeremy reported that they were also excellent anglers!

Capt. Jeremy had a 5 hour trip with Micha and his wife today. They departed the dock at 7am. The target species was speckled seatrout. They kept 12 for a meal and released about 25 short ones. Also caught ladyfish, sharks, bluefish as well. Plenty of bites and Capt. Jeremy reported that they were both excellent anglers. However fishing was a challenge today due to the sustained east winds that has been with us for the last 4 days.

05/24/2015 (morning Capt. Rick, afternoon Capt. Jeremy)
Capt. Rick had a 5 hour trip with 4 people this morning departing at 7am with Bryce, his father, his son Peyton and his nephew Cameron. Capt. Jeremys trip departed at 1pm with Matt and his son Hunter for a 5 hour trip as well. Water temp is 79.8. The air was cool this morning, but warmed up nicely. Wind didn't get up too bad until around 2 pm. It was still a breezy day with the winds out of the East. Both parties caught fish and everyone on board was excellent anglers. Bryces group kept 14 speckled trout for a meal and we released at least 20. Cameron and Peyton actually outfished Bryce and his father. Kids reflexes are excellent and you have to be quick when fishing for speckled seatrout. Capt. Jeremys group caught Speckled trout as well as sharks, Both trips were action packed.

05/23/2015 (morning Capt. Jeremy,afternoon Capt. Rick)
Capt. Jeremy had a 5 hour trip with 3 people this morning departing at 7am With Steven and his family. Folks, it was windy all day long. Capt. Rick had a 1 person trip this afternoon departing at 1pm for 5 hours with Christine. We both tried inshore, Jeremy was able to get behind Cabbage Island, I was not. It was protected there, but Large shark fishing and BUll Redfishing was out of the question. Capt. Jeremy reported a mixed bag and Chrisine, caught a keeper trout, flounder and pulled the hook on what I believed to be a bull redfish inshore. This fish was not caught due to the handle on the reel was on the wrong side and she was unable to fight it as well as she would have liked and it pulled with a double headshake. Finding clear water was the key and the challenge for both of us today. (Today was the one year anniversary of my Dads Death)

Capt. Jeremy had a 4 hour trip with 3 people for Bull River Marina this afternoon. They departed in 15 knot winds at 1pm . Water was dirty and rough, but the air temp was 15 degrees cooler today than yesterday. They wanted to catch some sharks so that was the target. Besides sharks they caught seatrout and summer trout and a big stingray.

Capt. Jeremy had a 5 trip with Robert and Dick. They were up for catching anything and that was good. The tides are still extreme due to coming off a new moon and lots of wind. The water clarity was dingy at best. They caught whiting, ladyfish and sharks. The only thing we can say is that the fishing should improve . Below is a picture of lots of horseshoe crabs mating. They mate as a group!

Capt. Jeremy had a 5 hour shark catching trip today with Josie and her boyfriend. She wanted them to catch sharks, so Capt. Jeremy went after some sharpnose sharks. He reported that they caught around 30 of them before calling it a day. All sharks were released unharmed.

Capt. Rick had back to back trips today. First one was with Erin and her Dad Bill. We departed the marina at 7am for a 5 hour trip. The tides were running high and the current fast due to the New Moon.We missed a few and caught some ladyfish and sharks. We stopped off at a couple of trout drops before catching some ladyfish to use for shark bait. Erin was an excellent angler as was her dad.

The 2nd trip departed at 1pm from Bull River Marina. Linda and her son Chris wanted to catch some sharks, so we stayed in the Bull River and caught Bonnethead sharks. We also lost a blacktip. The water was very stained to dingy due to those extreme tides. The bite was not as aggressive as it has been.

Capt. Jeremy had back to back trips today (2 ) 5 hour trips. The first trip was a repeat customer (Nihad) and the 2nd trip was with (Stephanie). We had a cold front push through last night and slowed up the bite considerably. However both trips caught ladyfish, so they tried for the bull reds with those. Caught a few sharks and a huge stingray, but unfortunatly no bull reds. Last year the bull red bite stopped suddenly on May 30, it might have ended early this year. But on another note, they might have migrated out further. We are just going to keep looking.

Capt. Jeremy had a 3 person trip today with Keith and 2 of his friends from out of town. They expressed an interest in trying for some slot keeper redfish and trout. They caught 8 slot redfish and some speckled seatrout. They also caught whiting, summer trout and bluefish. They did try for a Bull Red, but nothing but large sharks today. These small blacktips are vicious and unfortunatly Capt. Jeremy got nipped on the finger today by a 3 foot blacktip. Luckily he escaped with some small puntures and some lacerations, but nothing that required a stitch. As always our number 1 goal is safety and even as a professional, accidents can happen. This is why we handle 90 % of the fish caught. Capt. Jeremy got a good picture of the early morning seafog today.

Capt. Jeremy had a 4 person trip today with a repeat from last weeks customer Sean. They kept a few speckled seatrout, caught some bluefish, ladyfish, summer trout and different species of sharks, but no bull reds today. Water is warming up and soon, the bull red bite will be replaced by large sandbar sharks. Today they caught several nice sharks including blacktips and spinner sharks. They also had a double on some huge stingrays. You are going to catch anything that bottom feeds while trying for the bull reds. Also 22 helicopters flew over in formation this morning.

05/07/2015 (morning)
Capt. Jeremy had a 3 person 6 hour trip today with Jason and his 2 guests. However it was another rough day on the water with that low front sitting off the coast of florida. The water temp is 71 and they fished for 5 hours and called it a day. They caught the usual fish and tried for Bull Reds. It got to be too rough in the sound, so after catching and releasing 1 bull they moved inshore and decided at the 5 hour mark to shorten the trip. The winds picked up as the day progressed, so everyone agreed to end it early. When you see the pictures notice that the sky is still overcast as it has been most all week.

05/06/2015 (morning)
Capt. Jeremy had a 4 person 5 hour trip today with Sean and his customers from work. They caught an assortment of fish including whiting, sharks and summer trout. Then they proceeded to try for some bull redfish. The sound was very rough and windy as well as the water was dirty due to a low pressure system forming off the coast of florida. As we all know low pressures have counter clockwise winds so Wassaw sound is right in the wheelhouse. However each of the 4 caught, revived and successfully released a Bull Red today.

05/05/2015 (afternoon)
Capt. Jeremy had a 4 person 5 hour charter this afternoon with Patrick and his guests from out of town. After the tide changed direction, they were able to get out into the sound and had action the whole trip. He reported that they caught sharpnose sharks, spinner sharks, A bull shark and a real hammerhead, not a bonnethead. They also had a 55 inch shark pull my titanium leader from the crimp while trying to boat it. They also caught some large stingrays and 2 BULL REDS. All in all a great day considering the morning. You can see the chop caused by the low pressure laying south east of our coast. Capt. Jeremy is in the yellow shirt and did a great job ! These are trophy reds in bad conditions!

05/05/2015 (morning)
Capt. Jeremy had a 2 person 4 hour charter this morning with Joseph and his wife. Weather had turned off very rough and they were not able to get out into the sound in our boat, so you know the wind was howling against the tide. They cut the 5 hour trip 1 hour short due to the weather conditions. Capt. Jeremy tried to catch fish, but he said they didn't get much and they didn't get a picture. Safety is always our number 1 goal and catching fish is always a plus. Just because they bite one day, doesn't mean they are going to bite tomorrow. Thats fishing.

Capt. Jeremy had a 2 person 4 hour charter today with Jannelle and her husband. Capt. Jeremy reported that they were very good anglers. Caught speckled seatrout, bluefish and some summer trout. They then tried for a bull redfish, but got 9 Atlantic sharpnose sharks instead. These sharks also put up a great fight, just different than the Big Redfish.

05/02/2015 (morning)
Capt. Rick had a 3 person 5 hour charter today with Mila and huband and daughter. Action was somewhat slow due to a cold front that moved through last night. Air temp was 49 this morning. We did catch some fish including blue fish, ladyfish,redfish, and 2 varietys of sharks, atlantic sharpnose and bonnethead. Milas redfish was caught in 3 feet of water on a live shrimp. She was 27 inches and had to be released. Both Mila and her husband were excellent anglers.

05/02/2015 (afternoon)
Capt.Jeremy had a 1 person 6 hour trip today. He reported that they caught some whiting, bluefish and ladyfish before going out for a bull red. They were not disappointed. Water temp was 67- 70 as the day progressed.


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