Fishing With Capt Rick (2015)
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By: Capt Rick Reynolds
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Capt. Jeremy got a last minute trip today. He had 4 people for 6 hours and the intent was to whiting fish first, then keep some whiting and use the others for bait for bull reds. However we have been in a cold snap. Yesterday or the day before set a record for the coldest day since 1958. The water temp was very cold today. It never got over 46 degrees. I am hoping we do not have a fish kill from all this. It has been cold all week, but really cold the last 3 or 4 days. However the air temp did get up to 64, so maybe the water temps will rebound in the next day or so. Anything below 48 for more than 3 days will result in a speckled seatrout kill. They did not catch whiting but did catch and release 5 Dogfish, which is a cold water shark. They also broke off a few of these as well. A dogfish is a species of shark that you can keep, but these guys elected to release them.

This is a quick update. I have had several emails asking why we haven't updated the website. Simply put, we haven't fished. Water temps are in the low 50's and bait is very scarce. Only 1 place I know that has live shrimp right now and thats hit and miss. Currently all the inshore Captains I know are not fishing right now. I have had a few calls for an inshore trip, but right now the bite is slow. I had hoped to fish this past weekend, but the Air temps have plunged starting on Friday the 13th. Probably by the end of the month, the whiting should show up and when they show so do the BULL REDS. We have done a considerable amount of maintenance during this down time, so the boat is ready as well as all our tackle. We have replaced quite a few rods and reels with new stuff. So once the warm up starts, the fish should bite. However we will take anyone that wants to go now, just know that the bite is going to be slow. The closer we get to Easter, the better the bite will be.


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