Fishing With Capt Rick (2014)
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By: Capt Rick Reynolds
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Capt.Rick ran another scouting trip today and the speckled seatrout were on fire. I probably released 50 and kept 7 for a meal. Most were caught on live shrimp on popping corks, but I did try the traditional 9 inch float on a baitcaster. I honestly like the popping corks on the lighter tackle much better. Should have took more pictures but didn't think about it until I was cleaning the 7 that I kept. A beautiful day on the water. Water temp was 57.8°. Finding clear moving water was the secret today.

Capt.Rick ran a short 4 hour scouting trip. Barometer was plunging, and rain threatened all day. However got into a couple schools of nice redfish, all in the 17 to 18 inch range, which i released. Also caught a few speckled seatrout as well. Water temp started in the upper 50's and climbed to 61. Wind was out of the Southwest and gusting most of the day.

Capt.Rick had a 2 person 7 hour trip with Roxie and his friend Kyle, they are both down here in Savannah from Denver for some training at Gulfstream Aerospace. They were not expecting this shot of cold air that hit us at 7am this morning. Air Temp felt like it was in the 30's and the water temp has dropped to 59 degrees at most spots. Wind was stiff out of the North west at 10 with gusts near 15 knots. Was unable to fish the sound so we came back in and hit some of the River systems that all connect here. We did get a trout bite, but no redfish today.

We really had to move to find the fish as a high pressure pushed in overnight and caused the barometer to rise. A rising barometer has an adverse effect on fish with airbladders. However a day or two after high pressure moves in the bite picks back up which is expected. We did find some quality fish, but just not in big numbers. All had fun and by 2pm the outside air temp was tolerable. Below is a picture of the sun when I opened up the boat, hit 51 mph with full fuel and 3 adults on board. Cold air helps that anyway.

Capt.Jeremy had a 3 person 6 hour trip with Philip and his wife Lauren and their son. Capt. Jeremy reported that it was very cold this morning as a front pushed thru last night and during the trip. They did catch quite a few fish and kept 7 speckled seatrout, 4 slot redfish and 1 whiting. Capt. Jeremy had a tough time finding spots out of the wind today. It was a 15 knot nw wind during most of the day. Even though it was cold they had a nice catch and I hope they enjoyed the trip!

Capt.Rick had a 3 hour trip for Judy today. Picked up at th weston and fished S.C. waters. Catch and release only. Water temp had dropped to 62°since yesterdays high of 69. We caught and released quite a few savannah river trout. We departed the Weston at 1 pm. Also there was a very bad accident on hightway crossing the Bull River. We fished that area about 45 minutes and the traffic and crane was there when we went by going and coming.

Capt. Jeremy had a 2 person 6 hour trip with Johnathon and his brother in law. They have been with us multiple times. They caught many short trout and keep 8 for a meal and 1 slot redfish. Water temp was 69°, but we are under the influence of a full moon, which produces higher tides and swifter currents. All in all a great day of fishing. The fish kept were all quality trout.

Capt. Jeremy had a 1 person 5 hour trip today. We are under the influence of a full moon as well as a cold front moved through last night. Capt. Jeremy had Don with him today. He decided to fish today with Thunderboltcharters while his wife was preparing for the Marathon tomorrow. Capt. Jeremy has a couple of guys tomorrow who have fished with us several times and their wives also will be running in the marathon. The air temp started very close to 50°and the water temp is in the low 70°. Capt. Jeremy said they caught quite a few short trout but did keep 8 nice trout and 1 of my favorite eating fish a nice black drum. Capt. Jerem had to use his camera on his phone as I left the older one in my truck.



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