Fishing With Capt Rick and Capt Jeremy (2008)
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By: Capt Rick Reynolds


Capt. Rick had an 4 hour charter today for Miss Judy Charters. The water temp was 70° and clear. Yesterday, Capt. Jeremy told me the action was non-stop and fast. He was right. I doubled up on bait, with 2 quarts of shrimp that are almost large enough to eat. I also picked up a couple dozen Mud Minnows from Adams Baitshop. My 4 guys wore me out, but it was a good thing because about 45 minutes into the incoming tide, it was one right after the other.

We also put 1 line out like Capt. Jeremy did, with a jig head and a polywog (mud minnnow). I saw something pick it up after about an hour and I handed the rod off to one of my guys. Once the fish realized he was hooked he stripped the reel down to the backing. As I watched the line dumping, I reached over and locked the drag down, but the fish kept going and made a nice roll. It appears we had hooked a nice size tarpon. The line broke at the backing and locked around the rod tip. Then the leader finally broke and we recovered all the line.

The trout didn't care if the bait was mud minnows or shrimp. However, when we started getting a few bites from the tail, we switched to the minnows and landed an released a few blue fish. We also released 5 short trout. This was a great trip with a lot of action. We are on the cusp of a summertime bite. We kept 19 nice sized trout. All The big Trout were caught on the INTICER FLOAT from Midcoast.


Capt. Jeremy had an 4 hour charter today for Miss Judy Charters. The water temp was 70° and stained to clear. Wind was light and variable out of the south. The trout bite was on as soon as we anchored. Kept 15 nice trout and missed about 40 others. A great 4 hours on the water. Capt. Jeremy almost got spooled by a large fish that almost dumped his reel. This fish was on a jig head on the bottom.


Capt. Rick had an 8 hour charter today for Miss Judy Charters. The water temp was 68° and stained to clear. Wind was 15 - 30 knots out of the West. The wind made todays 8 hour charter challenging. We fished the Wilmington, Bull, Savannah, Back and Herb Rivers today, always looking for pockets of clear water out of the wind. The charter started at 8am, so we had the last 2 of the outgoing and most of the incoming. First drop produced the Keeper Redfish then we had to get what we could . We released several trout and kept a few trout, a redfish and a nice flounder. It was a good day despite the wind.


Capt. Rick had a 6 hour charter today for Miss Judy Charters. The water temp was 70 ° and stained to clear. Wind was 15 - 20 knots out of the Southwest. It was difficult to find clear moving water out of the wind, however the trout were hungry. Below is a picture of a 19 inch trout caught on the Inticer cork.


Capt. Jeremy had a 4 person 4 hour charter today for Miss Judy Charters. Water temp hit 70 degrees in some spots. High winds caused us to struggle today. It was just hard to even get a bite today.


Capt. Rick had a charter today for Miss Judy Charters. The water temp was 66° and stained. The wind was blowing 15 - 20 out of the SouthEast. Much different conditions than the day before. However the good news was even though it was windy the fish really turned on with the approaching front. This was a 4 hour trip that ended right before it really started storming. We kept 5 trout 3 bluefish and 1 nice flounder. All the fish were caught on the inticer floating cork in black. These can be purchased at Adams Bait House in Thunderbolt.


Capt. Rick scouted for an upcoming charter inshore. The water temp was 65 and very clear. Tried some topwater artificials today and the trout slammed them. Didn't stay on the water too long, just tried to locate a couple areas to fish on 04/05/08. Trout slammed the topwater when fished right up against the grass at high tide. All trout were released today.


Capt. Rick had a charter today for Miss Judy Charters. The water temp was 63° and stained. The wind was blowing 15 - 20 out of the NorthEast. We fished the Back River in South Carolina to get in protected water. Kept 2 (18 inch ) Redfish and one (4 lb) Black Drum and 1 nice Flounder. This was a 4 hour trip. We fished all incoming . I did not have my camera today.


Capt. Rick had a last minute charter today for Miss Judy Charters. The water temp was 64° and stained. The wind was blowing 15 to 20 today. Fished the hight outgoing in Wassaw sound and worked our way inshore. Caught and Released a few keeper size trout.


Capt. Jeremy had a charter today for Miss Judy Charters. The water temp was 65° and stained. The wind was still blowing today. This charter started at 7 am and went until 3pm. They caught quite a few fish, with a trout of 22.5 inches and a nice flounder was in the mix as well as some inshore coldwater dogfish (released) and some huge bonnet head sharks released. Capt. Jeremy did not have the camera today.

Capt. Rick was able to go on a fishing trip with his good friend Ken Rule and Barney Portman on Barnesy Glacier bay. Also along on the trip was Mr. Ed Cohan, a friend of Barneys.That boat handled the chop real well. We did have a discussion with another boat "SLAMMER" that basically encroached on us, to the point of almost anchoring on our marker buoys. But they finally moved. We were sheephead fishing and did pretty good. Below is a picture of what we kept.
Ken Rule with a nice sheepshead

Capt. Rick with another nice sheepshead. We lost a couple more this size at the boat.


Capt. Rick picked up a charter today for Miss Judy Charters. The water temp was 64 degrees and stained to muddy. This is due to the fact the wind was blowing a constant 20-25 knots out of the Nortwest and we are on the cusp of a full moon. We caught an assortment of Trout, Bluefish and yellowtails all on the inside.

We peeked out in Wassaw sound but it was much too rough to fish and get anchored out there. So all fish were caught on the inside in protected water. It was a nice day on the water but windy. The rods rigged up with the Inticer cork were the ticket today. Those popping corks work extremely well in high wind conditions.


Capt. Jeremy was part of a group charter today for Miss Judy Charters. The water temp was 59 degrees and muddy. This was a 4 hour trip with a pickup at the Weston. They targeted Redfish and Striped bass, but had a slow day. Live shrimp from Larrys Bait Shop (912) 272 - 7339 was the live bait of choice. Larrys also has a good supply of mud minnows this time of year.

Besides using Live shrimp, they also pitched jerk worms and gulp screw tails. Capt. Jeremy was responsible for putting the first 3 hours on our new Powerhead that failed during the 800 hour service. Troy Bradley discovered and replaced our defective power head within a week.


Capt. Rick had a 6 hour 3 person charter today for Miss Judy Charters. The water was 56 and clear. We fished the last 2 hours of the outgoing and the 1st 4 hours of the incoming. We struggled and had a few good bites, but they missed them all. A special thanks goes out to Larrys Bait Shop (912) 272 - 7339. He consistantly has Live shrimp and normally has Fiddler Crabs, but he sold all he had due to the tournament Capt. Jeremy and Mr. Charles Finney fished in today. These were Perfect bait size shrimp.

Capt Jeremy and our very good friend Charles Finney fished the Ft. Mcallister Sheepshead tournament. They got a bit of a late start, and caught some respectable fish, but did not place in the top 3. I went with Jeremy to the weigh in and they were some very nice fish caught - 1 lady caught a single fish over 12 lbs. Thats a nice fish! Here are a couple Pictures from their day. The first one is capt. Jeremy holding a decent fish caught using a traditional sheepshead rig. The next is Mr. Charles Finney with a very nice fish using a chicken rig. You can see how to make that rig on one of my pages listed on the site. We usually use a double dropper rig for black sea bass, but I have seen Charles catch 2 sheepshead at once before!


Capt. Rick and Capt. Jeremy had a chance to try for some nearshore sheepshead fishing with their Good Friend Mr. Charles Finney in Ricks and Jeremys Boat. Water temp was 56 and clear. Tides were opposite of last friday and we fished the top of the high instead of the bottom of the low. Capt. Jeremy secured about 120 fiddler crabs on Feb 19, so we took off this morning to try to catch some more sheepshead. We kept 11 fish with Jeremy catching the biggest and the most. Charles followed up with the 2nd most and I caught a dogfish. These were abit smallerm but Capt. Jeremy caught one that was 21 inches long and approx 5 - 6 lbs. estimated.


Capt. Rick and Capt. Jeremy had a chance to try for some nearshore sheepshead fishing with their Good Friend Mr. Charles Finney in his new 25 foot Seaquest boat. We were able to get about 250 live fiddler crabs from Larrys Baits. You can always check Larrys bait situation by Checking his webpage on this site. Larry gives Capt. Rick a daily update and expects to have Live shrimp throughout the rest of the year! Our final catch for the day was 21 Keeper sheepshead, 4 of which were near 8lbs. 1 very nice keeper Red snapper and a few black sea bass.

Water temp was around 57 and the water was clear. The seas were 2 foot and layed down to about 1 foot. Air temp when we left the dock was close to 32 degrees. Below is Capt Jeremy dressed for the cold ride out

Capt Rick Below tying a Dropper rig.

Below is Capt. Jeremy with the nice sheepshead and Charles Finney with a red snapper that snapped a fiddler crab.

Final catch below.


Capt. Rick had a chance to take Capt. Jack Mcgowan out for some sea bass fishing. We went to the CCA reef and I marked the water temp at 55-57. We caught probaly 75 black seabass. Capt. Jack kept 10 fish for a meal. Many of the BSB's were hitting around 11.5 inches. The water clarity was good, but the current was strong. We also caught about 9 spiney dogfish, that we released. I caugt and released an undersized gag grouper as well. The only picture I took was of the boat after I cleaned up. It would not have been messy at all except for some of the squid we used were from a chain store and looked like they had been thawed and refrozen several times.

Spoke to several other people that went deeper and they all had nice catches of BSB's and several had caught some nice Red Snappers.


Capt. Rick had a chance to scout for fish today with Capt. Jack Mcgowan and Capt. Jeremy Reynolds. We went in Capt. Jacks boat today with plenty of artificials and Live shrimp from ADAMS Bait. We left the Dock at 7 am and returned at 3pm. Water was clear and estimated in the low 50's. My furuno FCV 585 started fogging up so I have overnighted it to Furuno for repairs. Since 2 more people I know have the same unit and they have the same issue, it seems like furuno would step up and send out replacement units. Not the case, but they are working very hard to turn it aound and back to me by Jan 17th. So we went in Capt. Jacks boat and I didn't get a read on the water temp.

First drop Capt. Jack caught and released a nice redfish and Capt. Jeremy caught and released a very nice trout. We moved around alot and the final tally was about 12 trout and 1 redfish. We kept a few for a meal. I caught all my trout on the INTICER popping cork. Capt. Jack and Capt. Jeremy both caught on artificials and live . It rained on us coming in and I didn't have my camera today. Had an excellent trip fishing with these guys. I also saw Capt. Roger Straight and he limited out on trout using mud minnows.


Capt. Rick had a charter today for Miss Judy Charters. Water Temp was 49° and the water was stained to dirty. Air temp was 26° and slightly windy. This was a T-Shirt Charter for Mr. Dennis Obryan. He is a Maritime attorney and you can visit his website at the following website Dennis O'Bryan . The Charter was a success as we were able to give away all 80 of the tshirts and literature that Mr. Obryan brought to Savannah.


Capt. Rick Fished the last 2 or the incoming. Water was stained and
57 degrees. Had a few bites and hooked 5 and landed 3 trout. All the
trout landed were approx 14 inches. I practiced Catch and release today.

All trout were caught on the black inticer popping cork. The bite was slow
and the trout landed still had the shrimp pretty much intact. The float
would tip over slowly and go under and the movement was always back to
the grass.

The way I caught what I caught was to reel up slack and gently set the
hook. Too hard and you jerked it away, to softly and they took the bait.

I left the digital camera , so no pictures of these New Year Trout.