Power Pole Shallow Water Anchoring System
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A product Review
By Captain Rick Reynolds.

Purchase Direct From Power Pole (813-689-9932)

Power Pole Products Website

Every now and then a product comes along that is a real help to the fisherman.

Power pole Shallow water Anchor is one of these products! If you find yourself anchoring in water less than 10 feet then this product is for you. It eliminates the noise of a chain hitting the side of the boat along with the splash of an anchor that gets away from you. Also with the Power Pole, it catches every time! If you have to reposition yourself, its not a problem at all with this system.

Give this System a Try and see what you have been missing! To purchase locally, contact Power Pole .

Please take a few minutes and browse Power Poles Website. It is loaded with product descriptions and videos of this excellent anchoring system!
Copyright © 2016 Thunderboltcharters All Rights Reserved.