Fishing With Capt Rick and Jeremy (2011)
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By: Capt Rick Reynolds
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Capt. Rick had a 2 person trip today. This was a highly energetic and fun couple from Washington. Jessica mentioned that she wanted to catch a shark, and that is about all we caught. No seatrout or flounder but some nice bonnnetheads and many baby blacktip sharks. Jessica caught the largest ladyfish I have ever seen or possibly a baby tarpon.Water clarity was clear during the outgoing, but stained to muddy on the incoming. Water temp was 85°. This couple was alot of fun to have on the boat and I hope they come back again.

Sunrise on the Wilmington river.

Jessica with a handful of shark. We also lost a bigger on that ate thru the net.

Jessica with her first bonnethead shark

Chris with his huge shark!
Jessica with a baby tarpon or a large ladyhead.

Chris with his 2nd large bonnethead shark.

Jessica with a baby blacktip shark.

Capt. Rick had a 2 person trip today. This was a very nice Mother and Son trip. Water temp was 83°. We fished the middle 4 hours of the incoming. Left the dock about 6:15 a.m. and got into some summer trout , speckled seatrout, blue fish, ladyfish and a couple varieties of sharks. Water was stained due to the Moon being almost full.
We did have a west wind on the incoming that caused some inshore chop on the water. Tyler was a very good angler and a polite young man. His casting accuracy was better than alot of adults. Even though we caught several fish that fit the slot to keep, they elected to practice Catch and Release. We did land an atlantic sharpnose shark and several baby blacktips.

Capt. Jeremy had a 2 person trip today. They left the dock at 7 am and fished the outgoing tide. Wind was out of the southwest and the water was stained to almost dirty in some places. We are a few days away from a full moon and with the winds out of the southwest, the tides are very high and the current is running fast. However they managed a mix bag of flounder, sharks and undersized redfish.

Capt. Rick had a 1 person trip today. This was a repeat from last month, Kevin. We started out around 6:30 am and fished until 1 pm. Water temp was low 80's and stained. However we got into a few flounder and kept 4 with one almost 5lbs. Next thing we caught were a couple bonnethead sharks, which we kept 1 and released the others. After the tide changed, we got into a good speckled seatrout bite and kept 7 of those. The flounder were caught on mudminnows on a jig head, the trout on live shrimp under the inticer float gulp mullet on the jig head. We caught the sharks on dead shrimp under a popping cork. Good day on the water

Capt. Rick had a 1 person trip today. Caught quite a lot of trout,but they were either on the spot or nowhere near. All fish caught today was caught under either a Midcoast Inticer popping cork with live floriday shrimp, or a naked jig head with a mudminnow attached. Water temp was 83°. We fished all the incoming tide and had to fish thru some very stained water. Caught about 25 trout and kept 11 . Released a couple nice ladyfish at the boat. Along with another sea turtle. This sea turtle was at least 2 miles from where we caught one a couple weeks ago.

Capt.Jeremy had a shark excursion today. Found quite alot of teeth, but pictured below is the 2 largest, with a quarter in between for scale. Can't promise that you will find one this large, but they are out there. Bring a child along, they find everything!

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