Fishing With Capt Rick and Jeremy (2011)
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By: Capt Rick Reynolds
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Capt. Rick had a 6 hour charter today. Water temp was 80° and clear at most places. Had a mixed bag of fish today. Kept a couple flounder and 2 bonnethead sharks, and released about 12 short speckled seatrout. Also lost a ladyfish at the boat and a couple blue fish as well. Fished all the outgoing and the first 45 minutes of the incoming. Most trout were caught on the incoming tide. The trout this year are either in the 20+ inch range or like today 12.5 inches, just short. This is due primarily to the impact of the two back to back cold winters that we have had that resulted in a trout fish kill both years in a row.

Capt. Rick had a 6 hour charter today. Water temp was 76° and stained at most places. We caught and released about 9 trout that were not quite long enough. Did catch and keep 4 flounder, and released a couple more of those as well. Got into a school of large ladyfish, that were alot of fun catching, but we released them. Tom caught a nice sized sea turtle that we released unharmed at the boat. He picked up a mud minnow on a jig head. Fish were caught on shrimp and mudminnows.

Capt. Rick did a scouting trip this morning with his friend Tom. We fished the high outgoing from 6:30 am until about 11 am, then returned to the dock. Water temp was mid 70's and dirty. We had a west wind of 15 Knots that had the sound stirred up. we caught a few Speckled sea trout and Tom caught a very nice Blowfish. FYI they will bite you if you stick your finger in their mouth. Tom also caught a nice bluefish and trout as well.

After getting back to the dock, Tom was replaced at 11:30 by Capt. Jeremy and his Mom Pam. Jeremy wanted to take us to an island that has a good many sharks teeth. We spent about 4 hours looking and found about 95 total. Capt Jeremy had done the same the last few times he has been out. All in all a full day on the water. Jeremys mom found the biggest tooth that was either a great white or a juvenile megladon. Jeremy found the smallest and I only found about 10.

Capt. Rick had a 1 person 6 hour charter today. We left the dock at 7:00 am . Too much wind later in the morning, but started off good. Water temp was 75° and stained, to dirty in some places. The only picture I took today was the sunrise.

Kevin, caught 2 sharks, 1 we landed the other broke off at the boat. He didn't want to hold the one that we boated, and decided not to keep him. So we released the shark as well as an undersized seatrout. Missed a few trout today , but did keep a decent bluefish. He was gill hooked and was bleeding, so we bagged him and didn't take a picture of him. We saw some very nice redfish, but were unable to get them to bite. Had a good day, but the wind picked up after 10 am, blowing from the east and the tide was going out, so the waves stacked up and the water turned dirty. He is returning in June, so we will go after them again.

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