Fishing With Capt Rick and Jeremy (2010)
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By: Capt Rick Reynolds

Capt. Rick Did had a 2 person 6 hour charter today. Water temp never got above 48.3 in the Savannah River system. However we did find some 48.7 water near the end of the trip. That was on the Wilmington river. We were fishing right in the midst of a cold front that was passing thru the area. The leading edge of the front probably hit the area that we were fishing about 4 am. We started the day at 7:45 and the wind was a very steady 15 to 20 out of the North west. Around 1 pm it slacked off, however the father decided that he needed to come in early, so we shortened the trip to about 5 hours. The outside air temp started in the mid 30's to low 40's and stayed cold all day. Even the sunrise was cold.

Besides the cold front that was pushing thru, we were also a couple days into a full moon and the tides were 8.5 and the current speed was fast, and this muddied up the water.

We only got 3 decent bites today, but unfortunatly we didn't get a hookset. This was a father and son from Tennessee that is coming back in the summer. The 14 yr old, Addison was a very polite and well mannered young man. When they come back the trips on me.

Capt. Rick Did some scouting today with his good friend Charles Finney. This was a very last minute trip due to a cancellation. Water Temp was 56.7°. Air temp was in the 40's to 50's most of the day. Water Clarity was good at some locations, but stained at others, we fished the last 6 of the outgoing tide, released a few and kept 5 larger trout.

Also tagged a very nice 24.5 inch redfish, caught on my lightest outfit. Pulled drag and pushed himself up into the grass and oysters, but got him anyway, tagged, revived and released. Thats Charles below with the Cone hat on.

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