Fishing With Capt Rick and Capt Jeremy (2014)
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By: Capt Rick Reynolds
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Capt. Rick had a 6 hour 3 person trip for Miss Judy today. We caught close to 30 speckled seatrout with only a few keepers . Also kept some redfish as well. Released some bluefish and big ladyfish as well. Water temp was in the low 70's and we had had 15k North West winds that made it very rough at times. We had consistant bites everywhere we went.

Capt. Jeremy had a 4 hour 3 person trip for Bull River Marina that departed at 7am. Capt. Jeremy reports the water temp has fallen to 73 degrees and the trout bite was very good. All fish caught today were released including an 8.5 lb black drum.

Capt. Jeremy had a 6 hour 4 person trip with Josh, Jr, Billy and Mitch that departed at 7am today. Bait situation was tuff due to the bad thunderstorm that knocked out the power the night before at Adams Bait house. Luckily he had some live shrimp and was able to pickup 2 more quarts at Joeys on the way out to wassaw sound. They had plenty of action and the fall bite pattern is almost on us. The fall Equinox is on Sept 22nd and the wind pattern should start to shift from the southwest to the northeast with cool, then cold fronts approaching. They used all the bait and kept 3 nice flounder , 1 redfish, some speckled seatrout and some croakers and a Black Drum. They released at least one bonnethead shark and a young sea turtle. The turtle did not get hooked, just held on to the bait.

Capt. Jeremy had a 4 hour 4 person trip tiday with Bull River Marina. They had a lot of action and kept 5 speckled seatrout and 4 nice whiting for a meal. Released quite a few short redfish today. Fall fishing should crank up in a couple weeks and catches will only get better and better. They also caught and released some sharks today.

Capt. Jeremy had a late 6 hour trip for us today, that departed at 1 pm and ended at 7pm. This was a party of 4. They had a good catch and even though they had a lot of throwbacks, they also lost a 5 foot sandbar shark at the boat. They kept a few redfish, trout and whiting and croakers. All in all a good day considering the late start.

Capt. Jeremy had a 4 hour trip on friday the 12th for Bull River marina, but he did not have the camera. They caught a few trout, reds, flounder and sharks. However the bite was off, due to turbid water and it was also during the "solar flare" that we experienced during the time of that charter.

Capt. Rick was part of a Judy Group charter and had 4 people for 3 hours. We left the Weston in a torrential downpour. There were 8 inshore boats and 2 offshore boats. This was a catch and release only trip. They ran a mini tournament for most fish, largest fish. I think we might have gotten the most fish as we landed 12 fish. We caught 3 flounder, 4 redfish, 3 speckled seatrout, and 2 ladyfish. All in all a good day of fishing with bad water.

Capt. Jeremy had a 6 hr 3 person trip today and again most of the action was later in the trip. Water temp was in the lower 80's . They caught and released several sharks of different varieties, even though one had been bitten in the lower jaw by something bigger then him. They kept 1 flounder 5 whiting and 4 speckled seatrout. Capt. Jeremy reported that they liked live shrimp over fat mud minnows. They had to fish around and thru some rainshowers today as you can see a rainbow in one of the pictures.

Capt. Jeremy had a 6 hr 2 person trip on Wed, but left the camera at home. He said they caught quite a variaty of fish and had most of the action the last part of the trip. This is a very sparse report. He reports they are going again on Sept 8th.




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