Fishing With Capt Rick and Capt Jeremy (2014)
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By: Capt Rick Reynolds
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Capt. Rick took a day to look for a few trout and hope to grab a ladyfish. Got a ladyfish right away and decided to head out and see how it feels to reel in a huge Bull Redfish. Got into a lot of atlantic sharpnose sharks and had several leaders that I did not make part company. Using some special leaders that I make for these bull reds, landed some sharks and 2 very nice bull reds. There is absolutly no question when one of these 38 inch + Bull Redfish hits the bait. These 2 each made a 100 yard blistering, drag screaming first runs. All you can do is hold on . Never try to reel in a fish when its pulling drag as you will twist the line and it will break. FYI a hook extractor works very well on sharks and these Big Redfish.

Capt. Rick had a 6 hour 2 person trip this morning and Capt. Jeremy had a 2 person 4 hour trip this afternoon. Capt. Rick party tried for a late incoming and 1st of the outgoing Tide for some Speckled seatrout. Missed a few hard hits, but Alicia landed 3 ladyfish. Besides being a fun fish to catch, these make excellent bait for Bull Reds and Sharks. So we kept a couple of those and released some blue fish before heading out to try for a bull red or two. Caught quite a few atlantic sharpnose sharks as well as a huge stingray. Had a real hard hit on one of the Bull Red rods and Scott Landed a 40 inch redfish. We caught a few more sharks and a lot of whiting before heading in.

Capt. Jeremys group went straight out for whiting and Bull reds and caught quite a few sharks, a large ray. Mandy hooked up and landed a very respectable Bull Red. All Bull reds we catch are revived by the captain before releasing. We make sure they have enough strength to get away from hungry sharks. Mandys bull was missing a gill plate. Wind really picked up in the afternoon compared with the calm winds of this morning.

Capt. Jeremy had (2) Four hour trips today for Bull River marina. This is the second day in a row that Capt. Jeremy stepped up and ran back to back trips. 1st trip was a pickup from Dafuski Island and they fished waters that were not that familiar. However they did produce some nice bottom fish including some Atlantic Sharpnose Sharks.

2nd Trip also produced some interesting fish including a dark brown Cow Nose Ray and 2 very large 40 inch Bull Reds, one with almost 100 Spots.

Capt. Jeremy had (2) Four hour trips today for Bull River marina. Capt. Jeremy reported that the caught a lot more sharks, as the water is heating up. However on one of the trips they nailed a nice 40 inch bull redfish.

August 24, 1928 -May 23 , 2014 Rest in Peace Dad. Memorial May 26, 2014.

Capt. Jeremy had a 6 person whiting trip with a couple Bull Reds thrown in . Great day fishing for whitng, no tangles or injuries. Aft about 30 whiting, decided to see if Bulls were around and they did land 2 in less than 20 feet of water. Jeremy reported tht he had a great day of fishing with Eveyone Incuding Mr. B and Scot. Hope they think of us again the next time in the area. Also while on this trip, Capt Jeremys Gradfather and my Dad passed away at home after a very long illness. "Buddy" is pictured above.

Capt. Rick had a 3 person 6 hour trip today departing the dock at 7am. I had Barry and his 2 children Georgia, and Herschal. They wanted a few fish for a meal and some basic fishing action. We tried for some seatrout on the last 2 hours of the outgoing and only got some ladyfish and bluefish and several bonnethead sharks. We moved around and decided to head out to where we have been catching Bull Redfish. Not the best tidal stage for those but the wind had died down to about 15 knots. Water temp was 76 and the clarity was turbid. Kept 15 whiting while trying for a bull red but caught seveal Atlantic sharpnose sharks. Herschal was hooked up on a Red, but the hook pulled. Wind then picked up and we moved back inside. A good day on the water , just wished we had landed a large redfish.

Capt. Jeremy had a 6 hour trip with Mike and Larry today. Weather started off very cool, air temp of 56 but warmed up nicely into the mid 70's. Wind was mild and the water clarity was good. Capt. Jeremy reported that they had a lot of action, but only got one bull Red today. Another successful day on the water!

Capt. Jeremy had a 6 hour trip with Jim and his daughter. They caught some sharks, trout, whiting and a double hookup with Bull Reds. Weather was cool and somewhat windy, but they caught fish anyway. All in all a good day on the water.

Capt. Rick had a 6 hour trip with a friend from Florida, Bill, who wanted to try to catch a bull red. We started out at 6:30 am and was greeted with 15K winds out of the nwest. We tried for trout first and Bill caught a nice one. Then we caught and kept a few whiting and ladyfish. We kept 2 ladyfish for cut bait. Moved on out to one of my Redfish drops and we caught 2 sharks and 5 BULL Redfish, before coming in. I used a cell phone camera, so these are not all centered. Bill landed 3 and I landed 2. First Picture is Bill hooked up.The last picture is the bait we used. All fish were between 38 and 45 inches.

Capt. Jeremy ran a 4 hour trip today and it was very windy. He had 3 guys from Nevada. It was too windy to trout fish so they went after bull reds and caught some of those and sharks and a 70 lb stingray. Very good day of fishing considering the weather.

Capt. Jeremy ran a 4 hour trip today for Bull River Marina. Water temp was mid 70s'. They targeted Bonnethead sharks today and caught a few along with some ladyfish. Expecting the Trout to turn on any day. However quite a few people want to catch sharks so thatwas a good thing today.

Capt. Rick had a 3 person 6 hour trip today with Henry and Derrick and Derricks brother. Water temp was 76 in Wassaw sound, but the water was past stained and borderlined on muddy. This was due to a 15- 20 knot wind out of the south and and outgoing tide. We kept approximately 30 whiting, released some trout, kept some trout and released a bonnethead shark and an atlantic sharpnose shark. Good day on the water considering the winds!

Capt. Jeremy had a 6 hour trip that departed at 7am. It was a 2 person trip. Water temp was low to mid 70's and clear. They caught and released several sharks, however Capt. Jeremy did not have the camera today.

Capt. Jeremy had a 6 hour trip today that departed at 8am with Jen and Tyson. They caught and released some nice speckled seatrout as well as some sharks. Air temp got into the low 80's and the wind was calm. A nice day on the water!

Capt. Rick had a 6 hour trip today that departed at 7am and Capt. Jeremy had a 4 hour trip that departed at 2pm. I had Steve and 2 of his friends and Capt. Jeremy had Mike and his wife. Water temp was in the low 70's. Starting at 7am, we fished the incoming and Capt. Jeremy and his party fished the outgoing. MY group kept a bag of speckled seatrout, whiting, and bluefish. Capt Jeremys group landed some very nice sharks and had several break offs. A good day of fishing, that is getting better and better.


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