Fishing With Capt Rick and Capt Jeremy (2013)
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By: Capt Rick Reynolds
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Had a 3 person 5 hour Trip today for Miss Judy charters. We departed her Dock at 9am. Water temp was 56 to start, but finished the day at 60 degrees. The Wind had shifted to out of the South, which is a great thing. With the approaching of 2 cold fronts, the barometer dropped some and even though the water was cold we did pick up a few keeper trout, released some and missed a few. All in all a great day on the water with Dan, David and David Junior. Dan also caught a nice sting ray that we released unharmed. Oh not a complaint out of either David on the cold weather, they wore short pants!

Notice the 56.7 water temp on the Furuno.

Had a 3 person 6 hour Trip today. But we cut it short due to the rough wind and cold. Water temp was 54 and the air temp was 38 to start. We did miss a very good redfish bite, but the bites were slow so we switched up to bottom fishing in the sound for whiting, but couldn't get away from the cold water sharks (released 6 and lost 3 ). Derrick and crew are coming back in May when the water warms up some.

Had a 2 person 6 hour Trip canceled at the very last minute. Luckily this doesn't happen much, 2nd time, or I will have to start getting deposits!

Had a 3 person 4 hour Trip for Miss Judy today. My boat was one of 7 boats and from what I was told by one of the other captains, my boat was the only one that caught anything. Air temp was 38 this morning and water temp got as high as 52.3°. All I can say is with the new moon high tides, extra cold weather and dirty water we were lucky. Any one of the 7 boats would have been lucky to catch anything. Water and air temp is about 10° colder than normal. Water temps need to be close to 65 to catch consistantly. Below is the sunrise and the 17 inch trout, that was suprisingly fat.

I had a 2 person 6 hour trip with a couple from Conneticut. Even though the air temp was around 40°, they were not very cold. The water temp was 51 and the fishing was very tough. We fished the Savannah River, 1 bite, 1 breakoff and the Wilmington river, several creeks and Salt ponds. The only bite was at the start of the trip in the Savannah River. Water clarity was dirty and the wind was 10 - 15 out of the North/North west. A very tuff fishing day. Below is Meagan and Dan doing some deep water jigging with artificials. They wanted to fish artificials instead of live bait today. Next picture is a nice oyster rake we tried, but didn't get anything.

Had a 4 person 8 hour trip today for Miss Judy Charters. We were part of an 8 boat group trip. Air temp was in low 30's and the water temp started at 49.3 and climbed to 51.4. It was cold period. Our boat caught 1 fish , another boat in the group caught 0, another caught 1 and the other boat that I knew of caught 3. The shark we caught was the only shark caught today and he tangled 3 lines in the process of getting caught.

We fished the Wilmington river and Salt ponds. One boat fished in Carolina and didn't catch, so it was pretty consistant - no fish today. However on 3.6.2013 a group trip was canceled due to the high sustained 25Knot winds all day. We didn't have good clear water today. I have another trip tomorrow, so hopefully the water will clear some.

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