Fishing With Capt Rick and Capt Jeremy (2012)
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By: Capt Rick Reynolds
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Capt Rick scouted on 11.29.2012 and 11.30.2012. Limited out on speckled sea trout both days. Water temp was 55.1 °, and the water clarity was excellent. Wind did blow out of the Northeast both days, but it was fishable. Some Anglers might have been challenged with the wind, but if you keep line slack to a minimum, you can catch these fish. Also Fishing Georgia waters is much different than other states coast lines. We have a huge tide swing and cannot always site fish, so you fish where you EXPECT fish to be due to experience.

If you expect to catch these fish, you really need to concentrate on making a good cast the first time. Also make sure that your bail is open so you don't sling the bait off or break the live shimps neck. Try to present your bait where your guide instructs you to, you will have a better chance of catching. Also it is easy to be distracted by the beautiful area of the Georgia coast, but pay attention to your float or you will miss the bite.

I took a few pictures today and all fish kept were caught on one drop. I fished this same drop on most all charters this month. I also released approx 25 other fish. I only kept fish 14 to 16 inches. Now the action at this spot was nonstop for about 45 minutes. Then the current speed picked up and nothing happend for almost an hour, then the bite resumed until I left the area. You can expect this bite to continue thru December if the water temp stays in the 50's and bait is available. I did not have the camera yesterday, so No fish pictures were taken of the trout limit on 11.29.2012.

Capt Rick fished with had a 6 hour charter with Joe and his son,Joe. The water temp was 55 degrees at 7:30 and climbed up to 57 by 1:30. Today fishing was just plain tough. We had a steady 15k wind out of the West North West. Started out fishing in Wassaw sound and had a lot of action. Kept a few trout from there, missed a few and caught and released some short trout.

Moved around out in the Sound but decided it was just too rough, so we moved inshore and fished from the sound to the Savannah River. Was able to catch fish at almost every drop, but it was not easy. The only place we could find clear undisterbed water was in the Thunderbolt area. A hard day of fishing, but still kept 8 decent specks.

Capt Rick fished with had a 6 hour charter with Bryce and his son, father and nephew. Air temp was 36 and the water temp was 56 at 7am. We missed a few fish and caught and released a number of short trout today. The only fish that we caught were speckled seatrout, no redfish or flounder.

We fished the last 3.5 hours of the outgoing and the first 2.5 of the incoming. We did catch fish at most drops with the larger trout on the inside. They kept 9 specks from 13 to 15 inches for a meal. I had a great day on the water with a 3 generation family that got along very well.

Capt Rick fished with John and Amanda today, they were on their honeymoon. Water tempwas 59° and clear at most location. We started the trip at 8am and caught fish most all day and at all locations. We kept 17 speckled seatrout, released about 8 short trout and missed one nice redfish. Both anglers were excellent fisherman and did well to catch what we did as we did have a stiff wind out of the northwest.

Capt Rick fished with Brad and Margo from North Carolina today. Air temp was in the very low 40's and the wind blew from 10 -20 knots all day. We did find some clear water and that was when we caught a few Speckled Seatrout. After haveing our area busted by a couple guys trolling, we moved up the Savannah River and only caught one up there. Had very high tides that covered some oyster bars that I tried to deploy the Talon shallow water anchor in, unfortunatly it will be going in for repairs or replacement. Tough cold day of fishing, but we did catch and release a few trout. All trout were 14+ inches. This first picture is of the cats at the bait shop when it opens. The last picture is of Brad holding a trout , but if you look to the far right, you can see Margo's rod with a nice bend in it.

Capt Rick fished with his Son Capt. Jeremy on 11.11.2012 and we kept 8 speckled seatrout and released the rest. This picture is a shot of the 8 trout cleaned and fileted into trout fingers, along with 2 lbs of shrimp, and 2 onions and okra. We also fixed slaw to go with this. Again, you can always keep the limit if we catch the limit, but as you can see here 8 trout go a long way!

Capt Rick had a 2 person 6 hour charter with 2 guys from Alabama and Rincon, Georgia. We started fishing right at 7am and had plenty of action most of the day. Both guys were excellent anglers and knew how to cast very well. Water temp was upper 50's and clear. We fished the last 4 hours of the outgoing and the first of the incoming tide. Most fish were caught on Live Shrimp, but James caught a trout on a white screwtail . We kept 24 speckled seatrout and 1 bluefish and 1 flounder and threw back about 20 short trout. All in all a great day on the water.

Capt Rick had a 2 person 6 hour charter with 2 guys from north georgia who were excellent anglers. David and John were on time and we departed Bahia Bleu at 7:20am. Water temp was 58.7 - 60 °'s at most spots and very clear. Started off catching spotted seatrout. Most were keepers, but we did have about 10 short ones. David caught the only redfish today that was in the slot range of 14 - 23 inches. I had an excellent time fishing with a couple of anglers who were excited to get out on the water and were very eager to catch fish. We kept 23 speckled seatrout and 1 redfish, release around 10 short trout and 2 nice bluefish.

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