Fishing With Capt Rick and Capt Jeremy (2012)
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By: Capt Rick Reynolds
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I had a 2 person 6 hour trip today. I had Andrew and John from the Athens, and Macon area. We departed the marina at 7:30 am, with the last shrimp that Adams had and some mudminnows. Skys were overcast, but the winds were calm. Fished the last hour of the incoming and the first 5 hours of the outgoing. Caught fish at almost every drop, but when the cold front passed through, the action definately slowed. Caught speckled seatrout, redfish, bluefish, whiting and a few ladyfish. The bite was a good bit slower than the day before. These guys were very good anglers and fished hard for what we got today.

I had a 3 person 6 hour trip today for Miss Judy Charters. We departed her dock at 7am. I had 3 lovely ladies from Wayne County. All three could fish very well, but Alicia caught the largest redfish that was kept at 23 inches and also the largest speckled seatrout,that was just over 20 inches. Water temp was 78 and clear. All fish were caught on mudminnows and live shrimp. We kept 3 redfish, 11 trout, 2 whiting and 2 bonnethead sharks. Alison and Brook all caught fish. We released a number of ladyfish and a few short trout.

I had a 4 person 4 hour trip today for Miss Judy Charters today. We departed Miss Judys at 8:30 am and got into a school of ladyfish, and rather large bonnethead sharks. Released 4 sharks and kept 2. Found a nice school of speckled seatrout but most were 12 and 3/4 inches. We did keep 4 specks and released about 25 short ones. The 2 ladys caught 99% of the fish today. Water temp was 78 and clear at most drops.

I had a 1 person 8 hour trip today with a lady from Maryland. Water temp was 78.5 and clear at most spots. We covered alot of water and caught and released about 15 ladyfish, a few short trout and released 2 bonnethead sharks. Also Kept 4 speckled seatrout and 1 flounder for a meal. It was a fun day fishing and siteseeing with Patricia.

I had a 4 person 6 hour trip today with a group from the Atlanta, Ga area and Bradenton, Florida area. These 4 angler loved to fish and were very good. I had Cathy, Amber, John and David. Water temp was 78 and clear to stained. Winds were 10- 15 out of the northeast today. Started off catching plenty of ladyfish and short trout, but did manage to catch a few keeper trout, redfish and a nice flounder. The larger of the two redfish was 23 inches on the button and the smaller red was 14 inches, so we were able to keep both ends of the Georgia slot size on redfish. Considering the winds, I think we did good with 4 people. Again, This group was a pleasure to fish with.

I ran a 8 hour 3 person trip today for Miss Judy Charters. We had steady action all day. Also had about a 200lb sturgeon almost jump in the boat while underway. This would have been bad. We through back probably 10 to 15 undersized trout as well as a couple of sharks that were too small. Also got broken off a few times as well. Water was clear in most places, but we did have to deal with swift currents due to the new moon. We kept 5 trout, 1 shark, 1 redfish, 3 whiting and 2 bluefish. Also caught and released several ladyfish. This was the same group I took a few years ago when a waterspout dropped down on us.

I ran a 5 hour 3 person trip today for Miss Judy Charters. We departed her dock at 7:30 to very windy and cloudy weather. Expected it to rain, but a cold front pushed thru about 10 am and that changed the wind direction and gave us a reprive from the 15 knot west wind. Water temp stayed in the lower 80's and finding clear water was the key to getting bites. We caught and released several ladyfish, and croakers. Pinfish and needle fish were an issue today. However we did catch quite a few trout, with a few keepers,as well as a keeper flounder and a few redfish. We stayed out a little longer than 5 hours and exhausted all live bait before heading back to the dock.

I ran a scouting trip today with Vince, to try to prepare for a Trip in the morning for Miss Judy Charters. The trout bite was consistant when clean water was found. The wind was strong out of the West/Southwest at 15k. Water temp is still in the lower 80's. Quite a few needlefish and pinfish around right now, but you have to fish past them as well as the ladyfish and sharks are still strong. Vince kept 5 trout for a meal and the rest of the trout, sharks, and bluefish were released.

I had a trip for Miss Judy Charters today, 4 adults. The bite was slow, but we did catch a few fish, but not like a couple weeks ago. We had high tides and a full moon, coupled with 15 knot winds out of the west/southwest. Did hook and catch a few ladyfish, speckled seatrout, bluefish and bonnethead sharks. Only kept the trout.Would love to take these guys again in better conditions. Got back to the marina just ahead of a thunderstorm.

I had a tuff trip for Miss Judy Charters today, 3 boys and 1 adult. The current speed was very fast due to the full moon, and finding clear water was difficult. Also we have a lot of fresh water in the rivers due to the rainfall from last week. They lost a lot of tackle , tangling up and breaking the line, so the last couple of hours, I moved us out into the sound and bottom fished. We did manage to catch 2 redfish and several sharks and rays as well as a few whiting. Even though the boys were inexperienced, they did the best that they could with the conditions of the day.

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