Fishing With Capt Rick and Jeremy (2010)
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By: Capt Rick Reynolds

Capt. Rick had a 5 hour 3 person trip for Miss Judy today. Water Temp was 87.5 at most locations. Heat index for today and yesterday was around 107 degrees. Started in wassaw sound at 6:30 am today. We had 2 more hours of incoming and 3 of outgoing. The action was fast in and around salt ponds, but we were catching small, and large bonnet head sharks. Also a couple ladyfish and blue fish.

We caught several small redfish and 1 keeper flounder. Expect that we could have caught a few more flounder, but one of the anglers was getting too hot. They had water, but I gave him a gatoraid to help. Decided to move around and get some air in the boat. The angler recovered fine, but we had already left a good flounder drop.

Capt. Rick had a 6 hour 4 person trip for Miss Judy today. Water Temp was 86.5 at 7:30 am. Started out catching a couple nice bonnethead sharks. Moved over to a trout drop and kept 4 trout . Then tried for some reds, but got to the drop late and kept 6 flounder, the largest being almost 3 lbs. However we did lose a couple nice ones at the boat. All fish were caught on either live shrimp, or live pogies. Also caught a huge alligator gar on a dead pogie.

Capt. Jeremy had a 4 hour 4 person trip for Miss Judy today. Winds were light out of the southwest and the water clarity was good. These kids wanted to catch some sharks, so thatw what Capt. Jeremy targeted. They kept 4 and released another 7. A fun day on the water for all. All fish kept were caught on live shrimp during a falling tide.

Capt. Rick had a 4 hour 2 person trip for Miss Judy today. I had 2 fisherman from Florida. We fished the first 4 hours of the incoming tide. Started out in Wassaw sound and caught quite a few undersized trout. Moved inshore and caught and released 15 redfish, all too small to keep. Water was dirty at most spots. Only got a picture of the sunrise this morning as the camera malfunctioned the rest of the day. Had a large fish almost spool a reel, got to the backing before the leader broke. This was in the sound.

Capt. Rick had a 5 hour 4 person trip for Miss Judy today. I had 4 good fisherman from Savannah . We fished from 7:30 am until 12:30 pm. The plan was to catch sharks, so I had rigged up some heavy stuff. However the 3 of the 4 people were children ages 5,8,11. We tried for some smaller sharks out in Wassaw sound, and caught a few, but the Dad did want to try for the bigger ones.

Unfortunatly, the wind picked up to about 15 knots out of the Southwest and made beachfront fishing difficult at best. We ran back in and caught a few redfish, then went to the bull river and caught a very nice sized bonnet head shark on light tackle. Again we were shallow enough to see the shark coming up the river bank. When it got close to our bait, it circled it a few times then fish on. The boy with his finger pointing up is the one who caught it. All fish were released today.

Capt. Rick had a 4 hour 4 person trip for Miss Judy today. I had 4 good fisherman from Savannah . We fished from 7:30 am until 11:30 am and that was last of the incoming and 2 hours outgoing tide. Started by catching a few small redfish ( rat reds, or puppy drum) and a couple small sharks. Due to the New Moon we just experienced the tides where in the 8.6 foot range and the current was strong. Water temp was in the lower 80's and clear in most locations. One of the young men saw a shark and site casted to him and hooked up. That was the only fish kept today. Also got a picture of another sunrise on the Wilmington river.

Capt. Rick had a 6 hour 4 person trip for Miss Judy today. I had 4 good fisherman from all over that are in Savannah on business. We fished from 7:30 am until 1:30 pm and that was all falling tide. Started by catching a lot of Bonnet head sharks, with an assortment of rat reds, bluefish and flounder and some alligator gar. Started the day at 4:30 am by getting bait, then picked up at 7:30. Rode a good bit in the water today.

All fish were released healthy after being revived by me. Air temp rose into the low 90's and the water temp was still in the lower 80's. Water clarity was good considering the tidal stage and tody is a new moon.

Capt. Jeremy had a 4 hour 2 person trip for Miss Judy today. They had a good time catching redfish and bonnet head sharks. Winds were light today out of the south and the water temp was in the low 80's and clear. Below is a picture of the sunrise as Capt. Jeremy was leaving the dock, followed by another picture of the abundant bait balls of schooling mullet and menhanden.

Capt. Rick had a 6 hour 3 person trip for Miss Judy today. I had a very nice family that was able to fish quite well. Water temp was 82.8°. Started out in Wassaw Sound but the wind was a constant 15 + knot out of the east/southeast. Move inshore and over to the Bull River. Bill Caught a nice flounder. Hunter followed by catching a very nice slot sized redfish. Yvette also caught a nice redfish as well. Then Hunter caught another keeper. During the trip we caught and released numerous small redfish as well as some blue fish. Ended the trip with Yvette catching a nice 17 Inch trout and a bonnet head shark. Hunter caught and released a medium sized bonnet head shark. All in all a good day on the water. I started out at 5 am being at Adams Baitshop who had some quality shrimp. All fish caught on live shrimp or live pogies.

Placekeeper for Julys report. Booked July 4th weekend.Picture 1 full moon rising on 06/25/2010 about (8 pm)and picture 2 is my boat leaving marina in no wake zone on 06/26/2010. You will notice that we have turned the corner on Summer. Unfortunatly we will start losing sunshine as the sun will start coming up 1 or 2 minutes later and setting a couple minutes earlier, starting this weekend.

Make sure if you are riding around this weekend or any other time, Do not have anyone sitting on the gunnels or the bow of the boat. You will get a ticket . Especially if your kids are hanging on the bow. I have talked to the DNR and they are going to be patrolling for that and writing tickets. I promise you they will do very well as I see a lot of boats with children sitting on the bow with their legs hanging over the side leaving Turners Creek. Not only is this dangerous, its not smart. If perhaps you lose power while approaching a dock or another boat, you will hurt and possibly kill someone.


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