Fishing With Capt Rick and Jeremy (2009)
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By: Capt Rick Reynolds

Capt. Jeremy had a 4 person Shrimping charter today for Miss Judy Charters. Wind was calm and the water was clear. Decided they had enough after 5 hours. Total take was approx 48 qrts and roughly 50 lbs. Shrimping is much EASIER without the ttop. No pix today.

Capt. Rick had a 4 person 8 hour charter today for Miss Judy. However only 2 of the party of 4 showed. This was the first trip in the boat without the TTOP. Much more room to fish. Caught and released about 10 redfish that were 13.5 inches, just enough to be undersized. However Dominic caught a nice 23 inch redfish. That is the cutoff on the upper size of the slot. Also kept a bluefish, slot reds, whiting, seatrout and a sheepshead . Not a bad day on the water. Air temp is in the upper 80's. Nice and warm for the end of september. had several breakoffs of large sharks and Jordan caught and released a baby atlantic sharpnose shark.

Capt. Jeremy had a 4 person charter today for Miss Judy Charters. Wind was out of the Northeast at 15 knots and the water was rough. Capt Jeremy had the astronomical tides to deal with as well. However this allowed him to fish the ocean side of Cabbage Island. They caught the usual pesky ladyfish and bluefish, but one of his reels hooked something, that dumped 200 yrds of 30lb Power pro braided line, in about 15 seconds. Jeremy had time to tighten the drag all the way down in an effort to break the leader, that didn't happen. Spooled him and left the reel burning hot from max drag. Most likely a tarpon, as there have been reports of tarpon being caught on heavy gear, not trout gear. Also could have been a large shark, but this fish did not circle the boat as most sharks. Any way that was that.

Capt. Rick had a 2 person 4 hour charter today for Miss Judy. Tides were astronomical and we extended the trip for 2 hours. So we turned the 4 hour trip into a 6 hours. Due to the extra high tides, almost 9 feet in Thunderbolt, the current speed was very fast, so finding clean water was a challenge. We also had a front push in from the North East at 15 knots, so the Tide and winds were not in step. This creates a bone jarring ride as the waves are steeped up. Bill indicated he wanted to catch Redfish, so we looked and hunted until we found a school of keeper sized reds. However today was strictly catch and release. Final tally of released fish were 12 Redfish and 3 seatrout.

Capt. Rick had a 3 person 5 hour charter today for Miss Judy. Trip started at 10am and we fished 5 hours of the incoming tide. Had to deal with quite a few needlefish and bluefish , but did manage to keep an assortment of fish. Water was clear and in the lows 70's. The wind was out of the East - Northeast at 10 - 18 knots. One of the better fish was a nice 9 lb black drum that had an 8 inch remora hanging on. We also kept 2 nice flounders and released a few short trout. The shark bite was on as well.

Capt. Jeremy had a 4 person charter today for Miss Judy Charters. Wind was out of the Northeast at 15 knots and the water was stained to muddy. Caught quite a few blue fish, ladyfish and a few small trout. They made the best they could with the high winds.

Before I write about this Trip.
NEVER FORGIVE AND NEVER FORGET 09.11.01, a day that changed life in the United States FOREVER.

Capt. Rick had a 3 person 5 hour charter today for Miss Judy. Departed her dock at 7:30 am. Wind was a huge factor today. It was out of the North East at 15 - 20 knots. We fished Wassaw Sound and caught a mixed bag. Kept a nice Atlantic Sharpnose shark, a flounder and a couple of blue fish. Released several small redfish and some short Speckled trout. These guys had a blast catching and releasing numerous ladyfish. One guy caught a remora as well. Water temperature is cooling off as is the air temperature. As of today I have not found any tight schools of seatrout yet. I did get into a tight bunch a couple weeks ago, but with the recent winds and wave action from the disturb Atlantic, it seems to have prolonged the summer bite and pushed the fall bite out at least another week or so.

Capt. Rick had a 4 person 8 hour charter today for Miss Judy. Departed her dock at 7am and fished the last 2 hours of the outgoing and the next 6 of incoming tide. Water clarity was good in most places, but with the incoming thunderstorms, the wind picked up and made fishing out in the sound almost impossible. Considering the rain we have had during the last few days, I think we did quite well. Half the fish we caught on live shrimp from ADAMS BAIT, and the other half we caught with Berkly gulp shrimp under the Inticer float from Midcoast. Due to the Thunderstorms, I didn't get a real accurate count and last picture is of all the fish dumped out at the cleaning table.

We kept 1 flounder, 1 large spanish mackeral, several speckled seatrout, a bluefish and a few croaker. We released 7 seatrout and 20 small redfish. The airtemp climbed into the mid 80's with the water temp in the lower 80's.

Capt. Rick went on a quick scouting trip today. Kept 12 nice trout to 22 inches. All caught with live shrimp from Adams and under an inticer popping cork. Water was clear and the wind was mild. All fish caught on the last hour of the incoming and the first hour of the outgoing. You can call me direct at 912-844-8086 or call Miss Judy Charters. The fall trout run is going to start early.


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