Fishing With Capt Rick and Capt Jeremy (2012)
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By: Capt Rick Reynolds
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I had a 3 person 6 hour charter today and we felt the force of the 2nd tropical storm today. We did avoid the rain, but the wind was steady out of the North at about 20 Knots gusting to 30 knots. This was a difficult day to fish. We kept 2 trout and released 3 or 4 shortones. Had a couple breakoffs, but did land 1 small bonnethead shark. Watert temp was the upper 70's as well as the airtemp was hot today. I had Jeremy, his son Chase and his father Bill.They all three caught some fish.


I had a 3 person 6 hour charter today for Miss Judy Charters. Water temp was 79.8° and clear, however with another tropical storm moving this way, wind temps picked up during the trip. Caught and released about 10 trout, 8 ladyfish, 1 bluefish, and 1 spinner shark. Also had a couple of breakoffs, one which almost spooled a reel with 300 yrds of line. Kept 9 nice trout and lost a few as well. All in all a good day considering the wind condition. Notice it starts out very calm, but in the next to the last picture, water is whitecapping and spray is flying over the bow and windshield.


I had a 2 person 6 hour charter today with Terry and Tammy. Last Night a tropical depression Alberto formed just north east of North Carolina. It was drifting South East today, with rain predicted to move in at 11am with Gusts of 35 knots. We planned on leaving the dock at 6:45 which we did. Both understood, what the conditions were probably going to develop into. On the way, I saw that we were under a tropical cyclone advisory. The wind was definatly stiff out of the North East. We anchored up and immediatly lost a nice trout, then landed a Keeper trout and fat keeper flounder.

Then the wind picked up so much the power pole wouldn't hold. We moved around to a spot that we caught a lot of trout on last week, but all that was there were lady fish and undersized trout. Water temp was 74 degrees, but the air temp was in the 60's. At around 8:40, the bottom dropped out about 2 hours earlier than predicted. The wind continued to build and we decide to head back to the marina. Once we passed the Landings, we decided to try a mud flat . The rain calmed down somewhat, but the wind was steady. Tammy landed a nice bonnethead that we kept to go with the trout and flounder. Decided to head in at 11am , but got up near the marina and the wind and rain died down for a while. Continued to catch short trout and called it at 12:45. Below is pictures of the sky and a couple of fish. Terry got a good picture of his thumb taking Tammys picture, so I had to crop that one. Despite the awful conditions neither of them complained. I was glad to safely get these people back to the marina.


I had a 2 person 6 hour charter today with Kevin and his friend, however we only were able to fish 2 hours and only Kevin arrived due to a clock malfunction and a missing partner. We made the best of the situation and landed 2 sharks and 1 trout. Kept the bonnethead shark that was about 15 lbs and released either a small blacktip or spinner shark. I also released a speckled seatrout. Tomorrow is another day.


I had a 2 person 6 hour charter today with Frank and son-in-law Mike. We left the dock at 6:45 and came back at 2pm. Water temp was 78.7°. We fished the last 4 hours of outgoing and 3 hours of incoming. Caught and released several short trout. Had about 5 breakoffs today, A couple were sharks and a couple of large redfish.Kept 5 speckled trout and 2 whiting. Missed a lot of bites as well, due to wind bow. Also released a small flounder and 1 spinnner shark. Mike landed 3 or 4 Ladyfish that were mixed in with the trout. Also released 1 bonnethead shark.


I had a 2 person 6 hour charter today with Jamie and Tesha. We left the dock at 8:15 am to catch all the incoming tide. As soon as we cleared the no wake zone the wind picked up and increased all day. By the time we got to our first drop it was blowing at about 15 knots out of the East, South East. First cast Jamie landed a short speckled trout. We caught quite a few small trout during the day. Water temp was 78.8°.

The super moon from last weekend had pushed all the local shrimp out, so I had to buy florida shrimp early friday for a trip on Sat, Sun and this coming Tuesday. The Saturday trip was going to be for Miss Judy, but that group had to cancel. Lost quite a few shrimp Saturday night but had plenty for today.

Missed several bites, not due to angler error, but wind power. Very hard to position and fish the drops without getting a bow in the line, so they had to try to reel up the slack and set the hook on the trout. Kept a couple trout and a nice bull whiting that Tesha caught that pulled some drag. Jamie caught and kept a bonnethead shark that weighed about 15lbs. Tesha caught and landed a smaller, but legal one. We decided to let that one go. On our last drop Tesha hooked a huge BonnetHead shark that we lost when he ran into the power pole and cut the line. I had to pull the power pole up to keep the boat from being blown into the oysters as the waves and wind were blowing about 20 knots and had dislodged the pole. It was a fun day, but a hard fishing day due to the winds. Ended the day cleaning the boat in the rain.

Sunrise on the Wilmington, about 2 hours after.. Water looking good at this point.

Jamie with his Bonnethead. Pictures cannot capture the wind, but the waves are growing, as are the swells.

Tesha with her nice whiting. These fish came right before the wind started howling.

Tesha with her first bonnethead. The second could have eaten this one.


I had a 2 person 6 hour charter today with Wayne and his Grandson Dylan. They have been with me last year. Unfortunatly this years trip was the day after the first nite of the Supermoon. With the Supermoon came huge tides,and extremely fast currents and dingy water. Water temp was 76.8° and the air temp got in the 80's . Wind blew hard out of the southwest, but changed direction around 11 am . During that hour we had some very good bites and caught a few fish. During this time of the year, you can expect to catch ladyfish, mixed in with the Speckled seatrout. They are a very hard hitting and fighting fish, but expect to get a good tangle if they toss the hook. We planned on fishing again later in the year, hopefully on better tides.


Fish that were kept on 4.29.2012,fileted and then I fileted the filetes, then cut them into
smaller pieces. Deep fried them with beer battered Onionrings, and fried som okre.

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