Fishing With Capt Rick and Capt Jeremy (2012)
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By: Capt Rick Reynolds
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I ran a 6 hour trip today for Miss Judy Charters. I had 1 angler, Robert who was in Savannah for a conference.We left the dock around 7:30 and fished until 2pm. Water temp was 72.8° and the airtemp was in the mid 80's. We fished the last bit of outgoing tide, then most of the incoming. Water was very clear and we caught quite a few Speckled seatrout, but only had 3 keepers between 15 and 19 inches. We saw a bonnet head shark, circled my bait, then hit it hard. However I passed the rod to Robert and the rod tip got wrapped and the power pro line cut itself. Also had a couple of breakoffs at a redfish drop, so might have lost a couple of those. Action was steady, but the 12 inch trout beat the larger ones to the bait today.


I ran a scouting trip today for a booked trip for Miss Judy Charters tomorrow. I took 1 person with me today so I could see if I could get him to catch any fish. He caught several fish, with the largest being a trout around 19.5 inches..Water temp was 70.6 in most places. Air temp got up around 88 today. If you could find some clear water, then the fish were there. Trout bite was very strong, we caught around 20 speckled seatrout, a few bluefish and Tim caught a very large ladyfish. Great day on the water, hope to repeat it tomorrow. Tim got stung by a baby bumblebee.


I ran a trip for Miss Judy Charters today. This was an 8 hour 4 person trip. Started out being very cloudy and windy, but we were able to find some clear water and catch a few fish. Water temp was in the 70's and the air temp was as well. We kept 2 bonnethead sharks, 3 speckled sea trout, and 5 whiting. We released 9 more bonnethead sharks and 2 blue fish. This was a long day. Live shrimp are very hard to get right now, and they are rather large. Mud minnows is a very good alternative live bait, as is finger mullet. Below is a few pictures of some of the fish caught today. Left the dock at 6 am and got back in around 4pm. Sunrise below.


I ran a trip for Miss Judy Charters today. Todays customers was a father and his 2 sons aged 9 and 10. The weather was awful today. Wind was easily gusting to 30 knots out in Wassaw sound. When the group arrived at Miss Judys, we talked to them about rescheduling if they wanted. But knowing that 80 % of the water was unfishable, they opted to go anyway. Long story short, it blew hard out of the North West and had most water looking like mud. We had a negitive low tide today and an exceptional high tide. The picture of me leaving the no wake zone was already 2 hours from low tide, but the wind held the water in close. It was 72 degrees and muddy. The last picture is me heading in at about 50 miles an hour. I had already dropped off the charter group at Miss Judys and I was really ready to get in and get warm. We stayed out an extra 30 minutes . Kept 2 fish a 19 inch redfish and a 17 inch flounder. Didn't get a picture of the flounder as we were trying to get a couple more.

This was around 12 noon leaving the no wake zone heading to Miss Judys.
Nice slot redfish, 19 inches.

Proud father and his 2 sons.

Running back to the marina, in the sunshine finally.


I had another opportunity to help out Miss Judy Charters today. Todays customers was a father and his 2 daughters aged 6 and 11. They were from Denmark, but currently living in the United States. Water temp was 73°, and clear. However the wind did pickup and the tide was ripping. They just wanted to catch something, so we ducked in behind An Island out in Wassaw sound and caught quite a few whiting. They also caught some stingrays, but the dad hooked up on something he was unable to move. I think it was a huge stingray. He fought it for about 30 minutes and the leader snapped. If it was a huge ray, we would have broken it off at the boat. We also caught some blue fish and flounder. Since they were from out of town, they did not want to keep anything.


I had an opportunity to help out Miss Judy Charters today, by running an inshore trip for her. There were four young men from Michigan, but one was living in Dallas Texas. They were all quite good fisherman and we kept lost tackle to a minimum. Water temp was started at 72° and managed to get up to 74.4°. Wind was stiff out of the west/southwest, but was still fishable. We had incredible tides being on the cusp of a full moon. I left the house at 5:30 am and put in a full day. The shrimp are becoming harder to get as these big tides have pushed them out, towards the sound I think. We caught 3 speckled sea trout, 1 keeper and 1 keeper redfish. We also caught 2 blue fish and 2 rather large Bonnet head sharks. I had a great day fishing with this group and was glad that Miss Judy made this arrangement. I also have a 4 hour trip for her in the morning.

Sunrise on the Wilmington, was moving on the water very early today

First fish of the day, a throwback speckled trout

First keeper red and trout of the day.

First keeper Bonnet head of the trip, followed by the 2nd Keeper Bonnet head shark


I had a call last night and someone ask me to post a better picture of the artificial shrimp that I used last time. So I took a few minutes to ease down the river and rigged it. Water temp was 72.2 °. Took a picture of it then did a couple practice casts into the grass and caught 2 trout, which I released as I had plenty from my scouting trip the day before. Here is the rig and here is one of the trout that slammed it about 5 feet from the boat.

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