Fishing With Capt Rick and Capt Jeremy (2012)
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By: Capt Rick Reynolds
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Capt. Rick took today to scout out some new areas and found a decent trout bite. Kept 5 speckled seatrout and released 8. Also kept 1 whiting. Caught and released some kind of ray, that looks like a combination of a stingray and a shark. Water was clear, the shrimp were very large and the water temp was 70.4. Actually ran out of live bait, missed quite a few trout and had to switch over to artificials. The artificials worked as well if not better than the live bait. Last picture is of the 6 fish kept, cleaned and cooked and partial eaten before I got the camera.


Capt. Rick had a 6 hour trip today and the water temp hit 70.8 at most spots. We are under the influence of a new moon, so we had high tides and fast currents. Patricia wanted to catch a redfish, but we didn't get one today. However we did catch some bonnet head sharks and some whiting and a huge stingray. Didn't take a picture of the whiting, but did some of the sharks and stingray.


Capt. Jeremy had a 6 hour trip today. Water temp was in the upper 60's. They fished the last of the incoming and much of the outgoing. They caught a few fish and lost a large bonethead shark at the boat, also they released another nice Bonnethead as well as a 25 inch redfish. Good day on the water. First Picture is of the large redfish. Followed by his charter fighting and landing a big Bonnethead.


I scouted for a few hours today and caught a few trout. Everything I caught today I released. The water temp was up to 70.1 in someplaces and 68.8 in others. If you could find clear water, you could catch a trout. They were either very nice or small. The couple that I took a picture of were caught about 18 miles apart. Both the same size and both were very healthy fish.


I had a scouting trip with Chris, a customer who has been multiple times. Sand Gnats were biting and were out in full force. We fished the last 2 of the outgoing and almost all of the incoming. First drop, water temp was 65 and Chris caught a nice speckled seatrout. Decide to head out to the Jetties and the water was so muddy, you couldn't see the bait in the livewell. Saw a lot of dolphins feeding. Left there and worked our way out to Wassaw sound, where I caught another trout and that was it. Not a great catching day, but did cover alot of water. The water temp should push on up to 70° very soon. These 2 photos were with my phone, so they are sized differntly.


I got this trip on very short notice, but decided to give it a try. This was the first day that the time changed foward, so we were a few minutes early to the dock. This was almost a repeat of yesterday with the incredably high tides and swift currents. I got to hand it to Brett and his father for sticking it out. We coverd over 40 miles of water during the course of the day, and managed to start getting into a trout bite 45 minutes past the end of the trip. Would have stayed longer but the sandgnats were fierce! Also, the picture of Brett with his trout was too blurred to post. Water temp was 61°. Below is the dark sunrise, followed by Brett and his Father, then John with his Trout


Capt. Jeremy had a 6 hour trip today, but it was almost blown out. The water temp was in the low 60's ,and the wind blew all day long. They had very few bites and the bottom line was this was a rough day to be on the water. The tide were exceptionally high, and the current was very fast producing nothing but muddy water, especially with the 15K+ winds that blew out of the eastThis happen sometimes, but the fishing group tried very hard and will get them on another day.


I have had this trip in the books for a couple of weeks, but was hoping that we could do better than on the 4th. Wasn't raining, but the wind was stiff out of the north. Sustained 15knots gusting to 20knots. The water temp had dropped to 58.4 in almost every drop we tried. However we didn't catch in Speckled trout, but we did catch 8 nice redfish, with one over the 23 inch slot. He was right at 25 inches. We were out of the wind the majority of the time, until the wind switched to east. That proved to be a tuff ride part of the way back in. I had a great time fishing with Clark and his wife Morgan. Below is the sunrise and you can see how rough the water was inland. We are on the cusp of a full moon, so the tides were 8+ in Thunderbolt and the current was fast, causing us to hunt for clear water.


I got a call on Saturday night for a charter on Sunday 3.4.2012. At the time of the call, it was flooding in Thunderbolt. Rains and cold temperatures with high sustained winds was the prediction. The weather report was accurate. It cleared up at about 11 am, but the winds and tide was brutal. I had Jarrad and Kyle on board, and they wanted to get on the water, so we did. However the water temp was 59 and the air temp was 40, the wind 20 knots sustained, and a falling tide. We tried but didn't catch . Below is the clearing sky, and the water we did work. I had a very good time, just couldn't get to the fish

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