Fishing With Capt Rick and Capt Jeremy (2011)
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By: Capt Rick Reynolds
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Had a 1 man charter today. The water temp was 57.3 to 58.7 degrees in the areas we fished. Water was crystal clear and the tides were almost nonexistant. However we did manage to catch a few fish. The bite was slow and the bite was slow. That means that there were much fewer hits on the bait than ususal, but when the trout did hit, sometimes the cork would on shake and then slowly go down. However we kept a few trout. This was a 4 hour trip. Notice the shrimp in the second picture. This is a typical trout bite for this time of the year or anytime for that matter. Trout hit the shrimp in the head 99% of the time, to kill the shrimp then they eat it. Since the bite was slow, I set the hook too soon and jerked it away from the sluggish trout.

Had a productive day today on the water with a 6 hour trip with 2 very nice guys from Kansas. Both are named Jeff, so that was easy. Started out catching short trout on the last of the outgoing. Water temp ranged from 57.2° to 58°. The water was very clear everywhere we went and we didn't get into any winds to speak of until the last half hour or so of the trip. We moved a lot and caught and released everything. Between the two of them we caught at least 15 trout and 2 redfish. One of the reds was a nice South Carolina slot red and the other was oversized by about a half inch. We also caught and released a ladyfish which is very late in the season for that guy. All in all I had a great day showing these guys some of our local waters.

Copyright © 2011 Thunderboltcharters All Rights Reserved.