Fishing With Capt Rick and Jeremy (2011)
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By: Capt Rick Reynolds
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Capt. Jeremy had a 4 person 6 hour trip today. Started early at 7am and had to fish thru the very high tide. This was caused by the new moon phase, which is like a full moon. Currents are faster and its more difficult to find clear water. The water temp has crept back up from 74 last week to 80 today. Jeremy had a couple from West Virginia and their 2 children ages 10 and 4. According to Jeremy all had a good time. Kept 1 large sheepshead, 1 flounder, 1 redfish, and a whiting. Had a couple breakoffs from either a shark or bull reds. They got back to the marina just before it started to rain. Capt. Jeremy only took one picture and that was of the nice flounder. All fish were caught with perfect bait sized live shrimp from Adams Bait house.

Went scouting in Wassaw Sound with Capt. Jeremy and we had a good day of catching and releasing everything. Caught and released 8 slot reds and tagged one over 23 inches. Caught and released 18 speckled seatrout and 1 flounder. Also had a few ladyfish. Wind was Northeast at 15 - 20 knots and water tmep was 74 at most places. Get out of the wind and find clear water and the bite was on. Here are a few pictures as we released everything. The largest Redfish picture was blurred, so I didn't post . All fish were caught on very lively shrimp from ADAMS Bait, and again we got to where we were going very fast with the F250 From Custom Marine and Capt. Jeremy Driving and picking locations to try. The Large redfish I caught were using the INTICER Float. The small Cobia was also released unharmed.

I had a 3 man 6 hour trip today and we started at 7am, sunrise. However due to the overcast weather, we didn't get much sun today. Water temp was 79.9 to 80.1 at most spots. Winds were from the North East at 15 to 20 knots gusting at times to 25 knots. We fished right thru the cold front that was causing this wind. The air temp dropped about 5 degreess and shut the fishing down for a little while. We had a lot of action and caught quite a few fish inspite of the rough weather. One species that didn't slow up were the ladyfish. We had to fish thru them to get to the speckled trout.

It always helps to have experienced anglers on board and Stanley and his brother Dennis and father were very good anglers. We kept 8 speckled trout 3 slot redfish, a couple of croakers and a nice flounder. Had 2 sharks break us off and landed and released 1 bonnethead. Weather was calling for 5 - 10 knot winds, but It was everybit of 15 to 20 all day. Despite the less than desirable conditions we found clean water and the Frisky shrimp from ADAMS bait house was the bait of choice today. We were able to move quickly from spot to spot with the new F250 from Custom Marine.

This was the best shot of the sunrise I could get today.

I did not have a trip today, but went scouting and did find a new trout drop that produced many quality fish. I kept 4 speckled seatrout and 1 flounder and released the rest. Got broke off by an oversized redfish. Water was clear, but the current was fast due to the full moon. Water temp creeped into the very low 80's as the morning warmed up.

Pictured below is my wake with the new engine. Trimmed up and running fast.

This water was less than 2 feet deep, but loaded with trout!
Deadly combo below.

Capt. Rick has a 1 person 5 hour trip today. We got plenty of bites, despite the wind and the full moon. Water temp was in the upper 70's. Charles kept a few fish for a meal, but had a blast catching the large ladyfish. They would bite everything we pitched out to them. They actually put a damper on the trout bite.

Capt. Rick has a 3 person 6 hour trip booked today. This was a special day for Bradley and his father and mother. He is stationed at Fort Gordon, and his parents wanted to give him a fishing trip for this holiday. The weather was not the best, had some wind, and the quick cool down of the water since last week had a direct impact on fishing. Also we were getting some showers from the Storm out in the Gulf. The water temp was down a degree from yesterday. However the adverse conditions didn't put a damper on the trip. Bradley and his Dad caught fish all day.

Bradley caught fish with live shrimp and a bunch of redfish on jigs. We caught quite a few Ladyfish, some Speckled seatrout as well as a number of Redfish. Caught a few Pinfish, and a few whiting. These anglers were practicing catch and release which is a good thing. Also the size of most fish would have been short. Unfortunatley we didn't get many pictures, but I am posting what we took. Sunrise was overshadowed by dark clouds.
Bradley with a Legal size Redfish that he caught on a Jig. All fish were released.

Bradley and his Mom and Dad. This was the last drop and we caught and released several seatrout.

Capt. Rick has a 2 person 6 hour trip booked today
. I had 2 great anglers today, Peter and his girlfriend Cat. Both were very experienced and enjoyed fishing here in Savannah. This was the first time Cat had fished with a popping cork, but she picked up on the technique very quickly. We didn't keep alot of fish, but we caught and released a few Ladyfish, Speckled seatrout and redfish. Did keep 3 whiting, 1 nice bluefish and a flounder. Cat also caught a flounder, but hers was just short of legal. She really wanted to catch a shark, and she did catch one that was probably less than 2 years old. The shark was released unharmed as was a small stingray. If you are not planning on keeping the stingrays, please don't cut off his barb tail as that is their primary defense.

Water was clear, today, but the tides were runnning fast. Water temp was down to 83.3 degrees in most locations from the 87 of last week. When hurricane Irene, passed by, she took alot of energy out of the water. We also had a front from the NE push thru, and the weather pattern is quickly going to the Autumn pattern. I would not be suprised to find the Larger Redfish up the Savannah River.

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